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Death is my favorite subject. As a photographer I always loved photographing Burial grounds. There is a mystical serenity to whole place if you can feel it. I know a cult called ” Aghoris” very closely. I happened to have few good Aghori friends . Aghoris meditation ground is the burial ground. I also grew up around burial grounds . I still remember it very fondly.

In India you see a very strange phenomena associated with death. While carrying dead body of the person. people get drunk and dance throughout the procession. Usually these death parades carry Drum beaters and they beat drums to great rhythm. People keep throwing flowers continuously towards dead body while the procession is on. I always was fascinated at the dancers and musicians who used to play at these dead body processions. These musicians always payed only for death ceremonies. They always specialised in palying for Dead bothem. The drum beat and the drunken beats used to be so inviting – i always used to sneak in once in awhile to join the gang and dance for some dead body. My mom found me dancing ecstatically during one of these dead body celebrations. She came gave serious knocks allover the place and spent a lot of time with my dad to explore possibility of psychiatric treatment for me. My father just laughed it off with a note that he would like to see my dancing someday again.

Death should be a celebration. Death should be more celebrated than birth. Death is like crescendo of life. if you have lived life of richness , life of poetry and life of joy then there is nothing to look for except celebrations. People really created darkness around death. To me death is the only certain prediction in the world. rest all is just probability of analysis. The fear society has created around death is really hurting Individual growth. people see death as negativity. Death has been associated with losers for long time. Once you start fearing death you fear anything which brings close to you. Once you have a fear factor in life – you start planning too much . You will start planning around death to become secure. All your efforts to build a secure life is to indirectly forget death.

The moment you start building a security nest around you for future – you are already dead. You are dead towards the immense possibilities of life. To me if you can live without baggage of planning for future -you can build a great future for yourself. plan for as many failures as possible. Fail as goal achiever, Fail as a money accumulator. Do what you like most even if it doesn’t fetch enough to attract respect from others. Find a way to be responsible to yourself . Don’t be lazy. people mistake my comments for doing nothing. sorry I am not saying that. All i am saying is work & earn well too but do it the manner where you enjoy it. whenever you work for money and not the joy for working. You slowly start disintegrating within yourself. One portion of your body & soul hates your everyday work. other part of your body mind says i need to make so much money so i have to work.
Once you start pursuing the life you want , the life you enjoy, slowly money also will come. the moment to creativity current flows in you – you will also attract currency. but then currency is only a byproduct of your joy not the other way.
Have fun and make it as only aim of life. there are no failures and success. there is only a perception of failure and success. Celebrate life and you will slowly start celebrating death also. Celebrate life and slowly you will see life will also celebrate your presence.