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Evening stillness

One of the Biggest setbacks to evolution of meditation is the Proganda of ” Positive thinking”. Most of the Positive thinking promoters missed the the basic point. You need positive thinking because you are already thinking negatively. Only if you think negatively then only you can think positively. Otherwise what is the need of positive thinking ? if you never think negative. Here is the point. Mind always moves between two extremes. Mind moves from Misery to happiness, positive to negative, Joy to sorrow. Mind is of dual nature. with mind(read with thinking) you can never be psotive thinker!.

You can be positive only if you are total in this moment. To live in this moment is to be thoughtless and living in stillness of mind.When you live in this moment then you are out of your mind and you are more tuned to cosmic mind. To live without thinking about past or Future is living in this moment.

To me positive thinking means YOU are taking responsibility. Responsibility means ability to respond to this moment. When you are responsive (or responsible) you are Pure-positive energy. You live in positivity. You are VIA POSITIVA. Drop yourthoughts about positive thinking otherwise you will move into more negative thinking. The more you live in thoughtless present moment. the more intelligence you have access to.

You can be positive this moment by simply surrendering to life. By moving with the flow, by moving with an attitude that I will respond to present moment you become positive.