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Photo Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2006
As kids we all have heard teachers saying ” Empty mind is a Devils workshop”. Probably this is the worst lesson you can learn as a child. Our education on occupied mind has driven man to Insanity. Man is restless.

Today if one thing people find it heard to understand is silence. Silence has been the most misunderstood phenomena. First education for the child should have been the value of silence.
I have seen so many times parents trying to talk to a child who has been silent for a while. They will start debating about what happened to the child. Parents start getting worried even if child stays silent for 10 minutes. They will start theories/argument about why child is so silent.

I tell you child is enjoying silence so please stay away!.You never allow your child to explore his own place or his own being. This is where the trouble starts. You will switch on TV or Music system or you start talking to him. You will make everything to make sure that child talks or gets into an activity. I assure you if you want your child to follow gods path then leave him alone once in a while. Allow him to be silent from all your chit chat for a while.

Take him to places near nature where you and child can be silent. Even in Temples, Churches, Mosque People has been shouting loudly as if God is Deaf.
Teach your child silence. If a child can learn silence then he has learned the art of communication. Learned one’s from all religions say Music is definitely Dancing way to GOD. IT’s not without a Reason. If you want to be a good Musician then first fundamental requirement is to understand silence between notes. not the pitch not the higher or lower notes but the Gap between notes is the hallmark of a Great Musician. That’s why Music is sure way towards knowing God.

Ican tell you with Authority if your child discovers Art of silence when is young then you can be sure he has mastered the art of Communication.

Child’s silence is close to meditation. In meditation you are close to creator. In-fact you are the creator. Your creative thoughts will come up like a radio station thru an antenna. As you grow your mind grows into center of rubbish knowledge. If you can plant a seed of silence to a child right from beginning then you have already payed way to a Buddha or a Christ or a Mohammad or a Krishna. To me this very sacred phenomena. Thru silence in Child you are creating a possibility of a Christ or Buddha or Mohammad.

Teach your child silence. Teach your child Empty mind is Divine.

God bless you My friends and May you discover silence in your life!

Lots of Love – Suresh