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Photo Copyright suresh gundappa 2006

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”


This is one of the most potential statements ever made. Probably in this one sentence Christ said it all. But whole Christianity missed the bus!. This secret mystical statement is enough to produce ten thousand Christs on earth. But then everyone is still searching for the door.

Everyone is knocking at church doors and lighting candles! They have been shouting in loudspeaker to Jesus as if he is deaf.

This statement has to be understood from inner side. This sentence has no reference to external world. What Jesus is telling you ” All you need to ask is – ” how to touch infinity?, All Jesus is saying is to ask “how can I touch Christ consciousness?”, “how can I get connected with divine?” The moment you ask these questions and pursue road to inner growth You will be given what is needed to you

Seek & you will find – The moment you start asking above questions and looking for answers, You will find a way to find answers to them. You will find a guide to help you. You will get glimpse of creative consciousness. The moment you seek you will find silence. You will find Christ too.

Knock and door will be opened to you – This sentence so beautiful that this one sentence is enough to enlighten humanity. We have been prisoners of our mind for too long. We have been thought slaves for too long. Jesus the great says just knock and door will be open to you. You have always knocking from inside. You were always bolted from inside. All you have to do is just knock your thoughts away from your mind. Then the doors will be open to you silently. Learn to get back to your source. Just a moment of Meditative awareness is enough to keep Doors of divine opening inside you. Move inside , Move with awareness and you will find every moment a new door will open to you.

Lots of love my-fellow travellers!