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Photo Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2006

You hear this too often around you! SO I ask them why don’t you change your job? Then in a splash I get answers. “This job pays me well you know! or this job give me prestige and social standing!”. It’s crazy but true that you do not mind whole day of misery for the sake of society and other stupid reasons.

This has become contagious disease. Discontented and miserable people working in organisation are creating cascading effect of misery. It’s not just job that is making you miserable. It is your inner calling to break free is making you miserable. It is your deep desire to something else and not able to do is creating frustrations in you. Very few people are able to say I enjoy my job really and invariably over the time they are also successful in their job.

Create an outlet for your energy. Don’t weigh everything in Money. Dedicate at least an hour or two Everyday to start with for doing what you like. May be a Jog or walk would help you. if you feel like listening to music just do it. Don’t feel guilty about it. If you do not give yourself at-least couple of hours to yourself everyday, then You are gathering MAD energy. You have find a way to let go of your frustrations . Now don’t tell me you hit PUB every night and get drunk to forget your misery. This is an Unconscious effort. Your awareness is at it’s lowest ebb when you are drunk.

Find a hobby , Find your passion. start slowly and build it. You will slowly see the effects of having 2 hours good time. Your 24 hours also start becoming joyfull time. Most of your Misery with your job has nothing to do wth your job – It has something to do with you.

Learn meditation. In Meditation you will clean yourself from Misery for a while. You will create a positive energy for you. whoever you are, whichever religion you are from pursue a prayer or a meditation of your comfort for few hours. This will help you find your roots.

Promise yourself to persue your passion for few hours and then I promie you will find job f your passion soon.

Love my friends


PS: One day, Jesus wakes up in a bad mood. He is feeling depressed and lethargic. In fact, a typical Monday-morning feeling. He wanders around heaven looking for someone to cheer him up and finally arrives at the Pearly Gates where Saint Peter is interviewing the new arrivals. Suddenly he sees an old man with a long white beard whose face looks familiar. He goes up to him. “Excuse me sir,” says Jesus, “but your face seems familiar. I am sure we have met. What did you do on earth?” The old man smiles. “As a matter of fact,” he says, “I am a carpenter and lived a full and happy life until my son left home and became world famous. I never saw him again.” Jesus looks at him with astonishment and says with delight, “Dad!” The old man opens his eyes wide and rushes forward with outstretched arms, crying, “Pinocchio!”