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Photo copyright Suresh gundappa 2006

I am surprised whenever I see the paintings of Christ or Buddha or Mohammad. They all look serious . This can’t be true. Some where something has gone wrong. These are people of tremendous compassion and enlightened souls. These are the people who celebrated life. Painters missed this point. You really need to be Christ to know the Christ. You need to be in Buddha consciousness to celebrate Buddha. You need to be in same godliness as Mohammad to celebrate Mecca

Once you start becoming serious then you are closing door on all possibilities. Seriousness is a one way street. To be light hearted is like surfing on sea. Just flow with the waves. You do not control anything. but just balancing. The moment you accept life as a play then you have already learned the art of living.

Time has come for us to Invent religion solely based on play-fullness. All religions across the globe have become too serious affair. I just can’t believe God is really serious person. If he has managed to create this world in seven days he must be playful. Look at the mess around. He must be having last laugh

To move into Meditative awareness seriousness is a major stumbling block. Don’t be serious about inner growth. Just carry playing attitude towards prayer and meditation. Not to be serious about your future is sure way reaching where you belong to.

Lots of love