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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2006
Guilt should be the biggest conspiracy of society till date. Priests, politicians, parents have been the leading contributors to this ugly character of humanity. Guilt has left man impotent . Guilt has created leg chains. Guilt has locked up much of the human potential.

Your guilt feeling has always been used by everyone. Priests felt guilt is the only way you can keep people addicted to religion. Priests feel guilt is the only way you can keep people coming to Temples,Monasteries, Churches and Mosques. Across the globe Guilt has been used as subtle slavery towards religion.

Politicians have used guilt to define right and wrong. If you are guilty about sex, anger, religion, smoking, and love – then you are bound to be weak emotionally and spiritually. Then you want to belong to parties or commune which says you are on the right side of moral. Slowly you need society approval to know you are right. Your own thinking or rebelliousness has been curbed. You are an unconscious slave to mob psychology or thinking.

Parents does it unconsciously. Small things like stealing sweets, Money or Masturbation are communicated as sins of life. Slowly you feel guilty about lot of things when you are young. You do not want your parents to share these things with anyone. You are ashamed of everything you did as a kid and Parents can easily control you. Otherwise every child is born as a rebel. Every child is a seed of immense potentiality. Guilt is the major contributor towards destroying this creativity. Let me tell you this- Guilt phenomena has nothing to do with any particular religion across the globe. Every priest, parent, politician irrespective of geography and religion across the world has equally contributed to this cancer.

Guilt you have accumalated over the years has become burden on your chest. You have been dragged by huge rocks of guilt chained to your mind. In turn this guilt has affected your own flowering. For everything you want to do in life you are slowly seeking approval of God, priest, parents, friends and society. You Indivdual growth has been dictated by Society.

Guilt creates a dual personality in you: on the surface you are one person and deep down you are another — because you can see the futility of it, the nonsense of it. You become split — guilt creates schizophrenia. And the whole of humanity suffers from schizophrenia for the simple reason that we have created guilt, so much and so deeply that we have divided every man in two.

Drop guilt, Be a rebel, Make rebelliousness essence of life. Take on God and trust him to be on your side. The moment you start dropping guilt and that can happen only through awareness. You will slowly start feeling energy pouring into you. You will move towards where your heart takes without stumbling blocks. Once you start exploring new avenues and newer areas ,you will see your creativity flowering. The moment you get rid of guilt you will be amazed at the transformation of your life. Suddenly you will realize that you have arrived at destination you always wanted to go.

Love and lot’s of it my dear friends.