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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2006

Everybody wants to know their future. Where will I go from here? how much money I will make? When am I going to have good time ? questions on knowing future is endless.
Let us probe little further. Astrology is mind’s dope for living. Every one needs certain drug of hope to live on. And some use astrology. I ask lot of these questions to astrology seekers. If you believe in astrology then you also believe that your destiny is already designed isn’t it? People reply me back saying yes it is already decided however we have to do our part by working towards it.

I do not dispute with them , I also agree that if you want anything you have to work towards it. But what I do not agree is you blame your failures and successes for destiny. If you believe in destiny then just relax. Work and enjoy. Immerse yourself into whatever you are doing and work towards your goal without bothering about results. if you fail it’s OK , try again. if you succeed then also it’s OK just move on. Your interest to live in future state causes you misery. Your dreams causes your present problems.

If you believe in astrology and future , then relax , then surrender to life so much that except having fun at this moment do not think beyond anything else. Deep inside people who believe in astrology also do not trust god or destiny. that’s why they suffer so much worrying about future.

if you can relax into present moment more and more then you will exactly know what your future is going to be. You do not need an astrologer to tell what will happen to you few years down the lane. You can be happy or miserable at this moment . At the same time you can be miserable or celebrating in future too. Remember every future moment comes to you as present moment. Every past passed you as present moment. If you learn to be happy and joyous at this moment then all your future states remain the same.

Astrology is a great science used to help people to find inner center. People use astrology for Materialistic reasons. This science has been lost and abused for years now. Astrology is a science to make you accept things as they are and help you to work on present moment. If you are predicted with great future then your ego is boosted and it helps you to build your dreams. That’s why I call Astrology as your opium!. If your astrologer tells you things are bad for you in future, then you find a way to chuck your responsibility and live in misery.

Live life without expectations! Focus your energy on present moment. Everything is born out of present moment. Your future starts in this moment. Stay in present moment and you will slowly realise the futility of Astrology.

Take life head-on! Live as if there is no tomorrow! Live life with such energy that it does’t matter if there is no tomorrow. God in this moment, who needs next Moment!?

Love and lots of of it dear ones!