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photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2006

Most of you say that I would like to be happy. But if you take one more look at your self then you will be amazed to find out that you love misery more than Happiness. It’s strange but true that people thrive in misery. This starts from childhood. Have you noticed you pay more attention to child when he is more miserable. As soon as he cries everyone will start paying attention. But if he is happy and playing you never pay same attention. Children learn this politics pretty early about getting attention when they are sad. Even after they grow up they never let it go.

If you are miserable then you wife or your mom or your husband spends more time with you than they ever spend with you when you are happy. Slowly you will realise that you can get all the attention you need when you are miserable. Friends listen to your problem with attention and they also add some misery to you by telling you are really screwed up. This is why you never find people being alone. The moment you become alone then you start facing fakeness of being miserable. You will find it hard to share misery with yourself. This is the fundamental reason why you are not happy. You find happiness in sharing your misery. You always need someone to cry on. You need a shoulder to hang-on.
Happy man needs no such shoulders. He will be just happy for no reason. You find some of the most happy people in places where you can never imagine. Happiness is an attitude towards life. happiness is prayer towards life. Happiness is the way you show gratitude to whole universe. Happiness is the only way you can say thanks to Divine. The moment your happiness becomes independent of your ego and goals. Then you will be cascaded with Happy events around you.

Don’t wait for Money to be happy , don’t wait for Love to be happy. First start being Happy for no reason. then You will see whatever you wanted also start happening to you. This is law of reverse effect. Inner Happiness creates external Happiness. Happiness which depends upon external factors and not from inside is not happiness after all. It’s a temporary phenomena. You are bound to lose it. Inner Happiness is a bliss you can’t lose.

It’s law of the nature : If you are happy you attract happiness , you try being miserable you attract misery.

Start happiness as your attitude today and see the joy of this universe unfolding in-front of you.

Love and lot’s of it dear ones