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Photo Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2006

Too much obsession with food is a love need. If you are not loved well, you will eat more. If you are loved and you can love, you will eat less. Whenever someone loves you, you cannot eat more. Love fills you so much, you don’t feel empty. When there is not love, you feel empty; something has to be stuffed in — you go on forcing food.

And there are reasons, root reasons, for it, because the first encounter of the child with love and food is simultaneous. From the same breast, from the same mother, he gets food and love — food and love become associated. If the mother is loving, the child will never take too much mild. There is no need. He is always secure in his love; he knows that whenever there is a need the food will come, the milk will be there, the mother will be there. He feels secure. But if the mother is non-loving, then he is insecure. Then he doesn’t know whether, when he feels hungry, food will come, because there is no love. He will eat more. And this will continue. It will become an unconscious root.

And food is also a symbol of love. Have you observed why you love your mother? Why does so much love exist between the child and the mother? — because the mother is the first food: the child has eaten her, the mother has gone into him. And the child first becomes aware of the mother, not as a love-source, but as a food-source. Later on, when he grows in consciousness, then by and by he will feel love for the mother.

Whenever a woman loves a man, she would like to prepare his food. She would like to serve it, she would like to see him eat. And if a woman is not allowed to do this she will feel uneasy, because love flows through food. Love is invisible, it needs some visible vehicle. And the quality of food changes immediately: if a woman who loves you prepares your food, it has a different quality. That quality cannot be analyzed by chemists, but it has a different quality.

That’s why In marriage you keep fighting over same mundane issues. It’s got into your blood. Woman is feeding you food with such anger and frustration that it is got into all the family members blood. Once a fight starts It remains with you because the energy of the fight has been transferred to food which in return has been transferred to you. Only way you can cure this effect is through love.

Love and food are deeply related, joined together. Hence it happens that whenever somebody loves you, you don’t eat much. If a woman is loved she remains lean, thin and beautiful. If she is not loved she starts becoming fat, ugly, goes on accumulating; she starts eating too much. Or, vice versa too: if a woman does not want to be loved, she starts eating too much. That becomes a protection — then nobody will be attracted towards her.

Have you watched it? If a beloved comes to your home, a friend has come, and you are so happy, and so full of love — that day, appetite disappears. You don’t feel like eating — as if something more subtle than food has fulfilled you, something more subtle than food is inside you and the emptiness is not there. You are full, you feel full. Miserable people eat too much, happy people don’t eat too much. The more happy a person, the less he is addicted to food — because he has a higher food available: love. Love is food on a higher plane. If food is food for the body, love is food for the spirit.”

People become obsessed with food only when they lose the capacity to love. It is an indication that you have forgotten the language of love. If you are in love you never become obsessed with food. Obsession with food is a symptom that you don’t know how to love.”

“Food is not an ultimate value, it is a means to an end. And if you have a meditative pilgrimage you start transforming food into prayer. It depends. The painter eats the same food, but it becomes painting in him. The poet also eats the same food, it becomes poetry in him. The lover also eats the same food, it becomes love in him. The murderer also eats the same food, it becomes murder and destruction in him. Alexander, Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ and Krishna, they were not eating different kinds of food; the food is the same, more or less. But in Adolf Hitler it becomes destruction, in Jesus Christ and Gautham Buddha it becomes compassion. Food is raw energy; it depends on you how you transform it. You are the transformer; you are really significant, not what you eat.”

So eat the right amount of food — what is sufficient for meditation, sufficient for worship and prayer. Eat rightly, give to the body what is needed for natural functions. Don’t dump more, otherwise the extra amount will put you in trouble. Don’t go to extremes.

Love and lots of it dear ones