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Photo copyright Suresh gundappa 2006
This is one of the paradox of life. I certainly believe 90% of the people who are on this journey of consciousness is stuck due to lack of understanding of meditation. This very understanding is the biggest and primary blocks for this Journey. Imagine you have to explain silence to a child. It is strange but it is true that we have to explain silence using words. Silence should be felt, should be transmitted, but we try to communicate silence thru noise of words.

Let me see how I can explain meditation to you. There are certain moments in all our lives which we can recall like a movie at any moment. These moments could be your joyous moments or sad moments, or moments of agony, moment of bliss. For example it could be your best shot in baseball, or the first time you won a trophy, or first time you fell in love or the moment you pressed your car breaks so hard to escape an accident. All these moments have only one common character between them. That is you were so total at that moment you were that activity. That’s why they leave such a lingering impression on you. Whenever you are so total in an activity, for example when you have to suddenly lift a 50 pound weight fallen on you. Then you become so total that you become just that activity of lifting weights. These are the moments where you lose thoughts and thinking. These moments are glimpses of Meditation.

Meditation is when you are not there. Meditation is when you are in thoughtless awareness. Try this experiment. keep a watch in front of you to do this experiment for 3 minutes.Think your mind as a movie screen. Close your eyes and try to watch your thoughts. Don’t judge whether it is a bad thought or a good thought. Just let your thoughts flow. In the beginning you will become your thoughts or dreams and you will find it difficult to watch. But all I want you to understand is there is a flow of continuous thoughts going in your mind about your future, desires, dreams, relationships, money, sex , career and so on. You have a mind factory which is producing thoughts. The only time you can stop these thoughts are those times when you can watch them. The moment you watch your mind you become silent. If you are a regular morning jogger you will know that after a long running when you stop for a final time , you will hear your breath going up and down. just recall that moment -for that moment you will be totally absorbed in watching you breath in and out. This moment is your glimpse of meditation

Moments of watchfulness are the moments of Meditativeness. Moments of deep relaxations are the moments close to Meditation. Moments where you are silent and still inside are the moments of meditativeness. You need to carry such moments and more and more. Then you see magic of meditativeness unfolds in front of you.

Love and lot’s of it dear ones