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Photo Copyright Suresh gundappa 2006

This makes one mature — if you can get rid of God you are mature.
According to me, twenty-one years of age does not make you mature, adult.
Only one thing makes man mature, and that is getting rid of God — because God is a bundle of all kinds of fears, greeds, hopes. It is opium; it keeps you drugged.
But while you are drugged your life is slipping by, and soon death will knock on the door and then it will be too late.

We need murderers! Ones who are courageous to kill GOD from their belief and start moving towards knowing him. GOD is dead and let’s celebrate life!

All beliefs are stupid. That’s why when someone say I believe in god I have to admit that I think of him as unconscious idiot. Do you believe in Sun? NO definitely not why? because you can see Sun and feel him that’s why you never say that I bleive in Sun. there should be only two categories whether you know god or you do not know God! Rest is immaterial, all this talks about belief in God is nonsense.

I do not believe in God Becasue I know god. I see him, feel him, smell him, taste him every moment of my life. I never had any reason to believe coz i know. things I do not believe are the ones I do not know.

You have millions of priests and none of them has the courage to say that he has encountered God.
Not even the representatives — the pope, the shankaracharyas, Ayatollah Khomeini — not even these people are courageous enough to say that they have encountered God.
They are as afraid as you are; there are doubts in their minds as there are doubts in your mind, because doubts disappear only when you have experienced something.
God is not a question of belief, it is an experience of inner light.
Then you can give it any name.
You can call it God, you can call it truth, you can call it love, you can call it peace.
You can call it life — it does not matter what word is used, but it should be based on experience.
Once you have experienced your light, you know there is no need of any other God.
The whole existence is godly.

Love and lots of it dear ones