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Photo copyright Suresh gundappa 2006

THE BEING HAS TWO SIDES, the without and the within. The without can be public, but the within cannot be. If you make the within public, you will lose your soul, you will lose your original face. Then you will live as if you have no inner being. Life will become drab, futile. It happens to people who lead a public life: politicians, film actors. They become public, they lose their inner being completely, and they don’t know who they are except what the public says about them. They depend on others’ opinion they don’t have a sense of their being.

As a celebrity you have been so much addicted to others opinion that your entire thought process is shaped up by the world. If world calls you most desired thing then you are on top of the world. If tomorrow some tabloid calls you worst human being on earth, Your life is immediately shattered. Suddenly you are on a drug ride, depression, Your psychiatrist billing is going up. When you never give yourself a private time to face reality, this is what happens to you. Your fall is imminent. Even if you donโ€™t fall down in the eyes of public you would have fallen down in your own eyes.

Other day I saw Oprah talking in her show about her nude photos. She said she is never worried about her nude photos because she never allowed anyone to take it in first place. Be it in her private life or anywhere else. In such a case where will you find people chasing you? Some things are private and they better be kept private.

Every time celebrity complains about paparazzi I see a subtle joy in tehm about such a situation. Rarely do I find a celebrity who is trying to move without anybody getting noticed and they get noticed. In 99 out of 100 cases they want to be noticed. Ask Paris Hilton if you want? If you donโ€™t want to ask Paris, ask Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
I have been reading about Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt Paparazzi chase in India. Both of them were traveling in Open vehicle and the whole world could clearly see two fair celebrities traveling in a brown world. In this country of one billion people where people are really focused on day to day events you still make paparazzi behind you! Interesting! This has to be some talent!

Exposed, nude, no private self, Marilyn Monroe committed suicide because that was the only thing left she could have done privately. Everything was public, that was the only thing left she could do on her own, alone, something absolutely intimate and secret. Public figures are always tempted towards suicide because only through suicide can they have a glimpse of who they are.

All that is beautiful is inner, and the inner means privacy. Have you watched women making love? They always close their eyes. They know something. A man goes on making love with open eyes, he remains a watcher also. He is not completely in the act, he is not totally in it. He remains a voyeur, as if somebody else is making love and he is watching, as if the lovemaking is on a TV screen or in a movie. But a woman knows better because she is more delicately tuned to the inner. She always closes her eyes. Then love has a totally different fragrance.

Do one thing one day: run the bath and then switch on and off the light. When there is darkness you will hear the water falling more clearly, the sound will be sharp. When the light is on, the sound will be not so sharp. What happens in darkness?

In darkness, everything else disappears because you cannot see. Only you and the sound are there. That’s why, in all good restaurants, light is avoided; sharp light is avoided. They are candle-lit. Whenever a restaurant is candle-lit, taste is deeper: you eat well and you taste more. The fragrance surrounds you. If there is very bright light the taste is no longer there. The eyes make everything public.

Make outer relationships; make inner relationships also. Of course there are bound to be outer relationships — you move in the world, business relationships will be there — but they should not be all. They have their part to play, but there must be something absolutely secret and private, something that you can call your own.Life arises from that inner source and spreads into the sky outside. There has to be a balance — I am always for balance. So I will not say that your life should be an open book — no. A few chapters open, okay. And a few chapters completely closed, completely a mystery.

Only rarely is somebody allowed to move within your temple. That is how it should be. If the crowd is coming in and going out, then the temple is no longer a temple. It may be a waiting room in an airport, but it cannot be a temple. Only rarely, very rarely, do you allow somebody to enter your self. That is what love is.

Love and lots of it dear ones


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