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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2006
You may have observed if you are a driver that whenever you are angry you go fast. You go on pushing the accelerator, you simply forget about the brake. When you are very hateful, irritated, the car becomes a medium of expression. Otherwise you live in such a comfort, doing less and less anything with the body, living more and more in the mind.

That’s why in the West more people die every year through car accidents than by anything else. That is the greatest disease. Neither by cancer nor by tuberculosis… no other disease takes such a toll of lives as car driving. In the Second World War, in one year millions of people died. More people die every year around the earth just by mad car drivers.

Those who know about the deeper centers of the brain say that people who work with their hands have less anxiety, less tension, they sleep well. Because your hands are connected with the deepest mind, the deepest center of the brain… your right hand with the left brain, your left hand with the right brain. When you work with the hands, the energy is flowing from the head into the hands and being released. People who are working with the hands don’t need catharsis. But people who work with their heads need much catharsis because they accumulate much energy and there is no way in their body, no opening for it to go out. It goes on and on inside the mind; the mind goes mad.

But in our culture and society – in the office, in the factory, in the market – people who work with heads are known as heads: head clerk, or head superintendent, and people who work with hands are known as hands, condemnatory. The very word “hands” has become condemnatory.

In this world of consciousness, nothing is so helpful as celebration. Celebration is like watering a plant. Worry is just the opposite of celebration; it is like cutting the roots. Feel happy! Dance with your silence. The moment is there – enough. Why ask for more? Tomorrow will take care of itself. This moment is too much; why not live it, celebrate it, share it, enjoy it? Let it become a song, a dance, a poetry; let it be creative. Let your silence be creative; do something with it.

Millions of things are possible, because nothing is more creative than silence. No need to become a very great painter, world-famous, a Picasso. No need to become a Henry Moore; no need to become a great poet. Those ambitions of becoming great are of the mind, not of the silence. In your own way, howsoever small, paint. In your own way, howsoever small, make a haiku. In your own way, howsoever small, sing a song, dance a little, celebrate, and you will find that the next moment brings more silence. And once you know that the more you celebrate, the more is given to you, the more you share – the more you become capable of receiving it. Each moment it goes on growing, growing.

Love and lots of it


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