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Photo copyright Suresh gundappa 2006

The very phenomenon of love integrates you, and when love is missing, you start falling apart — it is the glue that keeps you together. In fact it is the glue that keeps the whole existence together; otherwise stars will fall apart, the trees will fall down, the earth will not care and no child will grow in a womb.
It is love that keeps everything going, and the misery of man is that he has forgotten the language of love. The reason why he has forgotten the language of love is: he has become too identified with reason.
Nothing is wrong with reason but it has a tendency to monopolise; it clings to the whole of your being. Then feeling suffers — feeling is starved, and by and by you forget about feeling completely. So it goes on shrinking and shrinking and shrinking, and that dead feeling becomes a dead weight, that feeling becomes a dead heart.
Then one can go on pulling oneself just somehow — it will always be ‘somehow’. There will be no charm, no magic, because without love there is no magic in life, and there will be no poetry either; it will be prose, flat. Yes, it will have a grammar but it will not have a song in it.
Love is play, it has no purpose; so is dance, so is beauty. All that is significant for the heart is meaningless for the reason.
Love is not an effort, you cannot make an effort to love. If you make an effort, there is no love. You flow into it, you don’t make an effort, you simply allow it to happen, you don’t MAKE an effort. It is not a doing, it is a happening . Love is a honey moon that never ends.

Lot’s of love dear ones