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Photo Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2006

Intellect happens easily to men because intellect, again, is in the same direction as aggression, argument. Women are more intuitive; they live by hunches. They suddenly jump to the conclusions — that’s why it is very difficult to argue with a woman. She has already arrived at the conclusions; argument is not needed. You are simply wasting your time. She knows all the time what is the end result. She is just waiting to declare it. You go on arguing this way and that… it is all futile. She is conclusive.

Intuition is conclusive. That’s why women are more telepathic. Women are more visionary, and many intuitional things happen to them. All the great mediums are women. Hypnosis, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, all belong to the world of women. Just let me tell you one thing about the past history.

Witchcraft was a woman’s craft. That’s why it is called witchcraft. The whole world of witches was intuitional. Priests were against it; their whole world was intellectual. Remember, all the witches, almost all the witches, were women; and all the priests, almost all the priests, were men. First, priests tried to burn the witches. Thousands of women were burned in Europe in the Middle Ages because the priests could not understand the world of intuition. They could not believe in it — it looked dangerous, strange. They wanted to wipe it out completely.

And they wiped it out completely. They tried to destroy one of the most beautiful instruments of receptivity, of a higher knowledge, of higher realms of being, of superior possibilities. They destroyed completely; wherever they could find a mediumistic woman, they killed her. And they created such fear that even women lost that capacity, just because of the fear.

Now again the same continues to be the case. Psychoanalysts are against witchcraft — they are all men. Now the psychoanalysts have taken the place of the priests — they are all men. Freudians, Adlerians, they are all men. Now they are against the woman. And do you know? All their patients are more or less women. This is something. And when the witches existed, all their patients were more or less men. I am surprised, but it looks as it should be. When the witches existed their patients were all men: the intellect seeking the help of the intuition, the man seeking the help of the woman. Now just the reverse has happened. All the psychoanalysts are men and all their patients are women. Now intuition has been so crippled and killed that it has to seek the help of intellect.

In the middle ages the women who were called witches and were burned were really very perceptive women. It was not really against witchcraft, it was against woman. One day or other when history is written rightly, it will be shown that the movement was not against witchcraft. Witchcraft has nothing to do with it; it was man against woman. It was intelligence against intuition; it was reason against something which is irrational but very powerful.

Those witches were burned, killed, murdered, tortured, and out of fear the woman shrank from the world into her own self. She became afraid! If she showed any kind of talent she was thought to be a witch. If the man showed the same kind of talent he became a saint. He was worshipped as a miracle-man and the woman would become a witch. She was in the hands of the devil and the man was a specially sanctioned person from god himself… and it was the same quality!

the word `witch’ is a beautiful word. It means a wise woman; there is nothing wrong in it. But these wise women were dangerous to the priests, who could not allow any competitors; hence the very word `witch’ became derogatory. They must have burned thousands of beautiful women, forced them to confess that they were witches. And the meaning of witch they managed to concoct was that the women were in a sexual relationship with the devil.

The devil does not exist; how can you have a sexual relationship with him? But in the middle ages they tortured these women day in, day out. Finally the women gave up, seeing no hope — unless they confessed they will be tortured, and once they confess, then they will be burned.The torture must have been tremendous, because nobody would choose to be burned alive unless the torture was more painful than being burned alive. They confessed: yes, they had been sexually connected with the devil; once they had admitted this they were burned alive.

Look at history of the enlightened ones. Their whole lives have been intrinsically woven with women who were not approved by society, Magdalene – the prostitute was closely associated with Jesus. Kamala another prostitute taught Buddha art of living. It is not accidental two enlightened souls of our times were associated with prostitutes. Prostitution was just a mask to prevent to keep so called learned away. In-fact all witches had parallel profession or disguised living for same reason. To keep away from the glare of the public. I always believed both Jesus & Buddha graduated in love from these women. Both of them went against the whole society to stay with them and lived with them. When biography of Jesus and Buddha is rewritten properly these women will get their due credit.

This article is dedicated to every woman who was burned alive in the name of ” Witchcraft”

Every man needs a witch. Every Man needs wise woman. That’s what I call witchcraft.

Love and lots of it dear ones