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We know that the ocean is influenced by the moon, but we have not taken into consideration the fact that the same relative proportion of water and salt that occurs in the ocean occurs also in the human body — the same proportion. Forty-five percent of the human body consists of water, and the proportion of salt contained in that water is the same as is contained in thousands of bays. If the water in the ocean is affected by the moon, then how could the water inside the human body remain unaffected?

Now, in this connection, two or three facts emerging from recent investigations must be kept in mind. For example, as the day of the full moon approaches, the amount of madness in the world increases. And on the last day of the darker fourteen days, the least number of people go mad. As the moon grows brighter the proportion of madmen also begins to increase. On the day of the full moon, the greatest number of people enter madhouses; and on the last day of the moon’s waning period, the greatest number of people are discharged from madhouses. Statistics are now available….

In English there is the word lunatic; in Hindi there is the word chaandmara. Chaand refers to the moon, just as lunar does in English. Chaandmara is a very ancient term, and the word lunatic also is some three thousand years old. Some three thousand years ago, the thought came to men that the moon does something to the insane. But if it does something to the insane, then how can it avoid affecting the sane?
In the final analysis, the construction of the brain and the internal composition of the body are the same for all. Yes, it may be that the moon affects madmen to a greater extent, and the sane to a lesser extent. This is simply a quantitative difference. But it is impossible that the sane remain completely unaffected by the moon. If that was true, then nobody could go mad — because everyone who goes mad was once sane. The moon must first do something to those who are sane.
As I have told you, the water of the ocean is subject to certain influences. But all life is created out of water; without water, no life is possible. So in ancient Greece, seers used to say that only from water is life born, that water is life. Ancient Indian, Chinese and other mythologies also say this. Today scientists who believe in evolution also say that life was born in water, that perhaps the first life on the planet lived in the water. This was the first form of life, and then out of this, man eventually evolved.

Water is the most mysterious element of all.

Whatever influences from the stars reach man from the universe, from space, reach him through the medium of water. Having once affected the water in a man’s body, any radiation can gain entrance into him. Much work is being done with water, and many mysteries concerning water are coming to man’s attention.

The biggest mystery about water which has come to the attention of scientists in the last ten years is that water possesses a lot of sensitivity. Whatever influences are active from any direction in life are first felt by water. The water in us is the first thing to be affected. Once the water in us is influenced, then it will be very difficult for us to avoid being influenced.

You will be surprised to learn that when the child swims in the mother’s womb, he swims just as if he were in the ocean. The water in which the child swims in the mother’s womb possesses the same proportion of salt as is present in the ocean. Whatever influences reach the child from the mother’s body do not reach him directly; between the mother and the child growing in her womb there is no direct connection. Water is the mediator. Whatever influences reach the child from the mother do so through the medium of water; there is no direct relationship. Then throughout our lives the water in our bodies behaves just as the water in the sea.

Meditate during full moon days, It’s a great opportunity to bring your awareness to focus. Try and watch full moon for hours , you will be amazed at the range of emotions which will surface. Some of you may cry, may get depressed or just throw up. Some of you may also dance, write poetry or just sing. Full moon day is great opportunity to reinvent yourself. try it , Just experiment on next full moon day and you will be amazed at the results.

PS: this experiment of watching moon can cause uncontrollable emotions especially in women. I recommend to do it in group rather than alone.


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