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Photo Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2006

All movements in the world are circular. The moon and stars move in a circle; the earth moves in a circle and so do the seasons. Even the seasons of your mind go around in a circle. Scientists have discovered recently that there is a cycle of chemical reactions in the male body which is similar to the menstrual cycle in females. You must have noticed that women tend to become cross and irritable and restless during their menstrual periods. A great many chemical changes occur in a woman’s body at this time, and it is difficult for her to remain alert and aware of herself.

Exactly the same things happen to men. There is no outward flow of blood, but there is an internal flow from certain glands. If you observe carefully you will find that a man is also depressed, restless and in a black mood every twenty-eight days.

For example, the word `menses’ means a month. It is possible that man first began counting months according to the menstrual cycle of women, because the natural feminine cycle is a fixed time period: twenty-eight days. This would have been an easy method to know that one month had passed. When your wife begins her menses, one month has gone by. Or, you can count the months according to the moon. But then the time period that we call one month changes to thirty days. The moon gets bigger for fifteen days and wanes for fifteen days, so in thirty days it has gone through its complete cycle.

There is a difference — that’s why it has never been detected up to now — but within these ten years much research has been there and they have come to feel that there is a menopause. Just as the woman has the monthly periods after each twenty-eight days, a man has too. For these three, four days the woman goes into a depressive state, into a negative state — so does a man. But because the woman’s blood is visible there is no need to prove it and she knows that the period has come and that the depression and the negativity and everything arises; she becomes very very dark, dismal, inside.

We fix the months according to the moon, so we say that a month has thirty days. But if you determine it by Venus or by the menstrual period, it will have twenty-eight day

Observe closely and you will see that your mind revolves in one complete cycle every twenty-eight days. As you become more and more familiar with your cycle, you will be able to predict with great accuracy what moods you are going to have and when you are going to have them. You will be shocked to discover that you get angry not because of any outside influence but because of what is going on inside you. The other person is merely an excuse. Then, if you lose your temper, you will not blame the other; on the contrary, you will ask his pardon. You will ask him to forgive you. You will explain that your outburst has nothing to do with him, that you always get angry at this time of the month. It was just accidental that he was there to provide an excuse for your rage. Anyone else would have done just as well.

Man’s release is not that visible, but certain energy is released each month; for three, four days, man also becomes a victim of depression, negativity. If you keep a record for a few months you will be able to see that exactly after twenty-eight days you again become negative for three, four days… out of the blue, for no reason at all. Just keep a small diary and it will become clear to you…. And it happens around forty-nine. So that menopause is coming closer — nothing to be worried about; it is natural.

Now to the the most important point I need to convey: Most of the fights in marriage happens “+” or “-” 5 days around womans menstrual cycles in marriage. Man has not ben able to appreciate the agony and depression of the woman during this time. If man can feel his own cycle he will come in terms with woman emotions very well. The need of the hour is Man’s awareness about in monthly cycle. if this barrier of understanding womans emotion during menstrual cycle is felt and understood then you have reached core of her heart. then you have every chance to be the man component in Woman word.

The word menopause comes from the Greek and Latin words for “moon” and “stop” and refers to the ending of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Sexual energies decline but with the decline of sexual energies, spiritual energies can increase. If one takes a right step then the declining energy of sexuality can become rising energies of spirituality — because it is the same energy that can move upwards and when sex interest becomes lessened, there is more possibility of uplifting the energies.

Somewhere near around forty-nine there comes a menopause… for men too, not only for women. The man’s menopause is very subtle but it is there — now even scientific research says so. This has been a known fact for tantra… because basically the man’s chemistry and the woman’s chemistry cannot be that different — it is different but it cannot be that different. When a woman becomes sexually mature around twelve, thirteen, fourteen, a man becomes mature around the same time. Then it will be very unfair that the woman has a menopause around forty-nine and that man has no menopause; that will simply prove that god is also a male chauvinist! (laughter) That is unfair and that is not possible.

Love and lots of it