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photo Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007,  Buy this photo at Suresh’s Gallery

In your body there are ‘five in the house’ — the five senses. Really, deep down you have five bodies, because each sense has its own center, and each sense goes on manipulating you in its own direction. The eye says, “Look at the beauty”; the hand says, “Touch, it is so lovable.” The eye is not at all interested in touch; the hand is not at all interested in looking at a beautiful person, a beautiful body or a beautiful tree.

All five senses exist as five separate centers and your mind is just a coordinator; it goes on coordinating between these five. When you look at me and you hear me, you hear from the ears and you look from the eyes. Eyes never hear, ears never look; then how do you conclude that you hear the same person you see? How can you conclude? The mind goes on coordinating. It is a computer: whatsoever the eyes feed in, whatsoever the ears feed in, it combines and gives you the conclusion.

A friction has to be created. The senses have to fight and the fight has to be made conscious. They continuously fight but the fight is not conscious; You are fast asleep and the fight goes on. The eye is continuously fighting the ear, the ear is continuously fighting the eye — because they are competitors.

Have you observed that a blind man has more listening capacity than a man who has eyes? That’s why blind men become beautiful musicians, singers. Why does this happen? They have more capacity for sound, rhythm, more sensitivity in their ears. Why? — because the eye is no longer a competitor. The energy that was being used by the eyes is available for the ears; they are the competitors.

Just remember following incidents:

You are hearing a great music and you sway with your eyes closed.

You are tasting finest cake and you are feasting with your eyes closed.

You got to prayer place and suddenly you are smelling the lovely fragrance with your eyes closed.

All these incidents have only one thing in common. Your eyes are closed in all the above incidents and your other sense is taken over you.

Your eyes are using eighty percent of your energy, leaving only twenty percent for the other four senses. They are starved; they are continuously fighting. The eyes have become the supreme, the dictatorial force. You live through the eyes and some senses have gone completely dead. Many people have no smell, that sense has gone completely dead; they never bother, they are not even aware that they cannot smell. The eyes have completely exploited the nose, because it is so near that it can be exploited. Children have a sense of smell, but by and by it is lost because the eyes go on using more and more energy. The eye has become the center of your being, which is not good.

It’s not accident that in prayer you close your eyes. Prayer is needed to evoke all your senses. In prayer when you close your eyes energy starts moving into other senses. In prayer you become whole. Holy man means one who is whole or one who is not acting out of part.

Go to Temple, Church, Mosque or any religious place. You will find music ,bells, incense sticks, food – everything to help your senses. But priest and religions have made these places as places of noise, both in sound and in content. Find your own Mosque, Church and Temple in your heart – that way you need not be troubled by idiotic priests.

Find at least twenty minutes a day to just to close your eyes. Just close your eyes and hear, smell, taste everything around you. Learn to spend sometime with yourself. suddenly you will notice new colors , new smell, new fragrance around you. I promise you that probably first time you will also notice true face of your beloved too. Unless there is energy in your eyes you cannot look thru beloved’s eyes.

Methods of friction use the senses against each other. In many methods the seeker remains with closed eyes for many months. The energy starts moving, you can feel it. If you remain constantly with closed eyes for three months, you will be able to feel the energy moving continuously towards the ears, towards the nose. Your sense of smell may come back, you may start smelling. There have been methods and schools where seekers completely cut one sense against the other; a fight is created. If you close the ears for three months and just see, don’t listen, then you will see there is a constant movement of energy.

My whole effort thru this site is to bring sudden energy into your eyes thru my photographs. if for one moment your energy is as a result of stillness not of noise then my work is done.

When all your senses start working together you will find your center. When you find your center you have already found the center of cosmic world. and you also probably for the first time find yourself.

Love and lots of it Dear ones