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Photo Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007

When you are against the real, you start imagining. The day religious upbringing disappears from the earth, pornography will die.

It cannot die before it.

This looks very paradoxical. Magazines like PLAYBOY exist only with the support of the Religion. Without the Priest there will be no PLAYBOY magazine; it cannot exist. It will not have any reason to exist. The priest is behind it.

Why should you be interested in pornography when alive people are here? And it is so beautiful to look at alive people. You don’t become interested in the picture of a naked tree, do you? Because all trees are naked! Just do one thing: cover all the trees… and sooner or later you will find magazines circulating underground — naked trees! And people will be reading them, putting them inside their Bibles and looking at them and enjoying. Try it and you will see.

Pornography can disappear only when people accept their nudity naturally. You don’t want to see cats and dogs and lions and tigers naked in pictures — they ARE naked! In fact, when a dog passes you, you don’t even recognize the fact; you don’t take note of it that he is naked. There are a few ladies in England, I have heard, who cover their dogs with clothes. They are afraid — the nudity of the dog may disturb some religious, spiritual soul.

I have heard, in Victorian days — that even the legs of the chairs were covered, because they are LEGS.

Let man be natural and pornography disappears. Let people be nude… not that they have to sit nude in their offices; not that you have walk nude in streets. There is no need to go that far. But on the beaches, on the rivers, or when they are at ease, relaxing in their homes, resting under the sun in their private gardens, they should be nude!

Pornography will disappear! Who will look at the PLAYBOY magazine? for what? Something is being deprived, some natural curiosity is being deprived, hence pornography.

Man became aware that the sexual organ is the most important organ because it gives birth to life; he became aware that somehow life must be residing in it. It is precious — hide it! It is a treasure. Don’t let anybody see it. Somebody may take your treasure, somebody may steal it, somebody may harm it.

This idea got deep into the unconsciousness of man. There is no reality behind it. There is no reason. Pornography is a by-product. And the priest became aware of one thing — it was obvious — that people fall in love and they forget the whole thing, the whole world.

Falling in love, or making love, they simply disappear from this world, they move into another dimension. And that dimension is the priest’s dimension — he wants monopoly over it. He does not want any other way for you to approach God; he wants you to come through the right way that he provides: the false prayer, the medicated meditation, this and that. And he became aware that people have a natural key with them, a natural door opens into the divine — that has to be stopped. Otherwise who will be interested in their prayer and in their meditations? Who will be interested in churches and temples? First people’s natural capacity to enter into God has to be stopped and destroyed, then the profession can flourish.

That’s how it has happened.

Get rid of the priest within you, say goodbye. And then suddenly you will see that pornography has disappeared.

Love and lots of it dear ones