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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007

The sun represents the male energy, the moon represents the feminine energy. And the heart lies between the two. The heart is neither male nor female. And that is the beauty of the heart: the heart is divine, neither male nor female. And it lies exactly between the two. If you are leaning too much towards the male energy you are too active and you don’t know how to be passive.

That’s what has happened in the West. The West is sun-oriented — too much activity. People are driving themselves mad with their activity. Too much speed — everything has to be done immediately, no patience — no waiting. They have forgotten how to be passive,
How to be patient, how to wait for things. They have lost all capacity to be inactive. They don’t know how to go on a holiday. Even if they go on a holiday they are more active than ever. More people have heart attacks on Sunday in the West than on any other day, because it is a holiday. And people are too occupied. The whole working week they think they will rest when the holiday comes, and when the holiday comes, they have a thousand and one things to do. Not that they have to do them, that they are needed, no, not at all; but they cannot live in rest. They cannot just lie down on the lawn and be with the earth. They cannot just sit silently under a tree and do no-thing. No, they will start doing a thousand and one things around the house. They will fix this and unfix that, they will open their car engines and start doing things to it. They will do something. But they will remain active.

Their whole life people think that when they are retired then they will enjoy. But they cannot enjoy, they cannot rest. People die very fast once they become retired. Psychologists say they die ten years earlier because they don’t know what else to do.
Death seems the only way to get rid of a life which has become meaningless, which has always been meaningless, which has been just a rush. People are rushing not knowing where they are going. All that they know is they have to go fast and faster and faster without ever being worried ‘Where exactly are you going? You may be running in a circle.’ That is exactly what is happening: people are running in a circle.

The West is sun-oriented. The East is moon-oriented.

The East has become too passive, too fatalistic: ‘Nothing has to be done. Simply wait, God will do it.’ This is another kind of foolishness and stupidity. The East is poor, lazy, lousy, and people are not worried by anything. The misery all around, the poverty, the beggars, the illness — nobody is worried. Everything is accepted. ‘What can you do? It is God’s will. We have to accept. We have just to wait. When things get too much, God will come. What else can we do?’ This is the feminine mind.
THE SECRET is you have to be exactly in the middle, neither male nor female, no leaning to any extreme. Then there is balance. Then one is active and yet remains inactive deep inside. Then one is inactive and yet remains active on the outside. On the outside be sun- oriented, on the inside be moon-oriented. Let sun and moon meet in you, and you be just exactly in the middle. And in the middle is transcendence. To stay in middle is awareness. To be in this balance is Meditation.

Love and lots of it dear ones