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Photo Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007

What happened? Why did she fall in love with such ugly looking moron?

You hear this often and you see this often. I want to tell you little about it. Before I tell you more about it, let me tell you a Love story. This is a mystic story so don’t ask me proof for this story, this is my cooked up story to tell you about love. Don’t hang on to story, please hang onto love behind it.

Don’t catch my finger just look at the moon!

Romeo one day was waiting with for Juliet, as you know waiting for your lover is the most irritating and annoying one! I am not telling you this – just ask anyone waiting for her boyfriend from last one hour! While Romeo was waiting for Juliet, couple of his friends joined him and started talking to him…

“Romeo – why are you in love with Juliet – she is fat, she is ugly, her figure is lousy and buck teeth doesn’t allow you to kiss her properly, she wears glasses! Her booty is too big for her size! Man what’s with you? Are you in Love with her? In love with Ugly looking duck?

Romeo looked them in their eyes and laughs hard, slowly he said “You need Romeo’s eyes to look at Juliet, you need Romeo’s eye to see the beauty of Juliet, any other eyes means you haven’t seen her yet. When you look at her from my eyes then you can see the beauty of Juliet, when you see her from my heart then you will also fall in love with her, but you see her from your head and you see her from colored eyes! “You can’t know her from where your head is”!

This is what happens to lovers all over the world. When you are in love your eyes carry magnetic energy, when you are in love you are drunk with unknown. When you see someone you love it’s because you are a drunkard – she looks beautiful. There is something intrinsic that has happened to you and you have suddenly found energy source which is bottomless. You have found a connection of unbound joy. You have actually risen in love. Your own joy of unknown energy adds to your being., That’s what happens to you when you become pregnant, that’s what happens to you when you meditate , that’s what happens to you in deepest state of prayer,

Now suddenly after few days you start hating this girl with whom you were head over heels with. The so-called ordinary love, which is just an emotion, a sentiment, superficial. One day you are in love, another day you are in hate. One day you love the person and you are ready to die for the person, and another day you are ready to kill the same person. One moment you are so nice, so beautiful, another moment you are so nasty, so ugly to the same person. You will start hating the very sight of the woman you live with; your neighbor suddenly looks prettier than your wife! Baywatch becomes more attractive than Mills and Boon! This is what when they say FALLEN In Love!

You just lost the connection with unknown, Love affairs fail because you are not able stay drunkard for life time. Your constant search for the same feeling kills your love affair. Mind you other one has nothing to do with this. She can do nothing about it because you have lost the connection. This is where everything around you starts crumbling. Everything you liked about earlier starts becoming problem for you. The same buck teeth, glasses, booty suddenly becomes most hated thing on earth. Something inside you died!

When you love, when you really love, there are no conditions. It is unconditional. You love for the sheer joy of it. And love is absolute — it knows no wavering, it knows no hesitation.

Unless you make GOD –your love affair it’s difficult to sustain your material love, unless your life becomes your beloved you can never be in love forever. Unless Meditation is part your love your love cannot go forever.

This love affair with GOD is called ISHQ in Sufi language, this is what Jesus calls Love and this is what Mohammad calls “Pyar”, this is what Buddha calls “Prem”

I call it feeling of “aha”

Let life be your love affair, let your love be unconditional, let your love be without any reasons, and then you will see beloved in your eyes. That’s when your eyes make people fall in love.

Love means you are pregnant with life! Love means you carry lifelong womb of godliness! Love means you are in eternal orgasm!

You need eyes of the beloved to see GOD; you need to be in love to feel GOD,

Love and lots of it dear ones