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We go on projecting. Our mind is just completely filled and fixed from the very childhood. Everything has been given to us ready-made, and through that readymade knowledge our whole life becomes an illusion. You never meet a real person, you never see a real flower. Just by hearing “This is a rose” you say, “Beautiful!” mechanically. You have not felt the beauty; you have not sensed the beauty; you have not touched this flower. Just “Rose is beautiful” is in your mind; the moment you hear “rose”, the mind projects and says, “It is beautiful!”

And you may believe that you have come to feel that the rose is beautiful; this is not so. This is false. Just look. That’s why children come to things more deeply than grown-up people — because they do not know names. They are not yet prejudiced. If a rose is beautiful, then only it will be beautiful; all roses are not beautiful. Children come nearer to things, their eyes are fresh. They see things as they are because they don’t know how to project anything.

Watch children in Rose gardens, they are filled with so much wonder about one flower. they can keep on looking at this rose endlessly for an hour. For a learned man it’s absurd to look at a rose for an hour! For a child it’s the feeling of wonder ever lasting. The petals, the fragrance, color, Flower swaying and dancing to the tune of wind – everything makes him feels like staying there forever. For a learned man it’s time to move on because he has read so many books about Rose.

But we are always in a hurry to make them grown-ups, to make them adults. We are filling their mind with knowledge, information. This is one of the recent-most discoveries of psychologists, that when children enter into school they have more intelligence than when they leave the university. Latest findings prove this. In the first grade, when children enter, they have more intelligence. They will have less and less intelligence as they grow in knowledge.

And by the time they become bachelors and masters and doctors, they are finished. When they come back with a doctor’s degree, a Ph.D., they have left their intelligence somewhere in the university. They are dead, filled with knowledge, crammed with knowledge, but this knowledge is just false — a prejudice about everything. Now they cannot feel things directly, they cannot feel live persons directly, they cannot live directly, everything has become verbal, wordy. It is not real now; it has become mental.

PS: The teacher writes on the blackboard,“I ain’t had no fun all summer.” Then she asks the children, “What is wrong with that sentence and what do I do to correct it?” Little Ernie shouts from the back, “Get a boyfriend.”


Photo of a learned man! ( sorry! )- definitely first photo on this site which is not photographed by me!

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