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What’s your reason for not calling loved ones for so long?

You have grown up and moved on ! and now you are so busy that you just don’t have time to
call loved ones!

When was the last time you took sometime off to call your Loved ones?

Picture note: Lobzong -Woman in picture lives in a Cave alone 18000ft above ground near Himalayas. She is still hoping that her children, all grown up and left her will come back and spend sometime with her. Everyday she prepares sweets and milk expecting one of her children might turn up without telling her.

It’s just 15 years since she is waiting.

Gypsies like me who travels often to hills consumes sweets and milk kept for her children.

But Lobzong still haven’t lost hope or smile. She still lives life of smile and life of hope! she still believes they are all truly busy to come and meet her

May be – You have sometime today to call your Loved ones . Old friend, Sister , Brother or anyone who cares!

Again! You did’t answer my question ,

What’s your reason for not calling loved ones? take a deep breath and answer yourself. better just call.

Love and lots of it dear ones