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I met this girl parimala in Bangalore along with my daughter few years back. She was inflicted with HIV. We were at orphanage to donate some old clothes of mydaughter. This girl was really excited and she came running to snatch new clothes from my daughter. Aayahs ( servants) rushed immediately to take her back as if she is untouchable. She was pulled back with stern warning not to touch anyone.

She went back and did’t cry. But she gazed into infinity without saying a single word. No she did’t cry, She had grown up too fast for her age. Her eyes had lost every cent of child like exuberence. You can see it for yourself.

These are the moments you wish your camera could just lie, But My Bloody camera – it always reflect reality (whether anyone likes it or not). My camera didn’t lie and neither her eyes which was captured..

I captured her at that moment. I could’t digest that distant look in her eyes. eyes told me million stories none which was within my grasp.

After sometime I gave her clothes and sweets. I said “good bye” , she didn’t care. she was more interested in clothes than me.

I said Goodbye knowing I would never see her again! she didn’t say and she didn’t care coz she was living for that moment!

For some known reasons I did’t go back again! I heard she died quietly.

Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?

HIV patients need our support and this article is dedicated millions of chidren inflicted with HIV.

Love and lots of it


note: names and relevant details of the person has been changed to respect their identity.