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Yoga has nothing to do with exercising , It is more to do with awareness. Like most of things borrowed from East are misunderstood, Yoga has become commercially abused exercise. People are suffering more from yoga than benefiting from it.

Yoga also comes from root Sanskrit word Yony; Female organ, it means unity. Our scholars are clever, they say Yoga comes from word “Yuj” which also means unity. Again scholars conspiracy!. I tell you they are wrong . In eastern scriptures “Yony” word also has been used in poetic terms as symbol of unity. It has to be so as the creation point is treated with highest respect. In deepest experience of Yoga you also meet creator. Yoga is a creative union of creator and you. Yoga means inner union of yin and yang.

Now coming back to Yoga. Yoga was meant to create awareness of Body and Mind. Yoga cannot be of any benefit to you unless you make progress in awareness. Let me share with you science of yoga and how it benefits you.

When you do yoga and when you do all the yoga-asanas, If you can be aware of breathing couple of things happens to you. First breathing awareness eliminates all the unnecessary “must have’s” out of your life. Once you are aware of breathing you are aware of the body. Normally Body sends lot of signals and sends lot of messages to you everyday and every moment. You normally ignore it because you do not know how to read body signs. For example once you learn breathing awareness you will identify all the foods which brings happy energy to you and you will discard food which gives you unpleasantly feeling. But for this to happen you need to be aware of breathing. Each food has inherent character of energy in them to uplift you but to know that you need understand deeper mysteries of awareness.

Normally you consume food without awareness. that’s why you stuff yourself because you are not able listen to body, you keep stuffing food. Food and fattening is a by product of lack of awareness. Once your awareness of breathing increases then your food intake goes thru drastic change which results in lower consumption of Food. This is how you become slim. Now in west; people have missed completely focusing on breathing but their focus has been on slimming and exercising. When you miss focusing on breathing your basic problem remains grounded.

Vegetarianism is a by product of breathing awareness. Every food particle feeds you different energy apart from calories. It is not accidental that on spiritual path lot of teachers recommend vegetarianism. Because meat feeds you energy of the killed animal. you will find it difficult to move into awareness with collection of such hyper energy of meat in your body. However as you move higher in awareness plane then your vegetarianism or non vegetarianism doesn’t matter. You will learn a inner alchemy and awareness to transform any energy. So don’t think I am telling you eating meat is wrong it’s just takes little longer to move on awareness path if you are meat eater.

Now to watch breathing you need to be surrounded by silent atmosphere. All yoga studios blast music so much that you miss your own breathing sound. Yoga once becomes just a body exercise then you consume more food because you are burning more. “pranayama” science of breathing also has been taught in such a wrong way that it has become just breathing exercise.

There is no inner alchemy happening with you in curretn way of Yoga. So more people are becoming Fat & Frustrated with with yoga because they are following wrong principles. Since you are doing half baked yoga there is bound to be side effects as yoga postures are derived from the highest state of meditativeness. Each of this postures create vibrations in your body. These vibrations can be used positively or negatively based on your awareness. it’s dangerous to work on a science you have not understood properly ; it is like a chemist mixing two wrong liquids to create a solution. Effects can be negative.

Yoga is deep form of Mystical science. Borrowers have been “lost in translation” . If yoga doesn’t improve your awareness then you will still substitute Food for love, food for misery, food for money, food for happiness and you will go on stuffing food at every opportunity.

Next time you practice yoga make sure you pay attention to breathing, pay attention to awareness. if you are not improving in your awareness then stop pursuing Yoga. Better go to gym and pump some weights. at least you are not on wrong track.

Once your breathing comes to your awareness thru Yoga you will unravel the mysteries of Body and Mind. You will suddenly find the interface between Body and mind. The moment the unity of Body and mind happens then you are in union with God. this is the inner alchemy of Yoga. This is the only Alchemy you need to know.

Love and lots of it dear ones