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I first met him during “Kumbhmela” The greatest Pilgrimage on Earth. He was a Aghori. He looked at me and said “God Is a drug addict” . I must have looked into his eyes with disbelief. He said he didn’t finish his sentence, he took a deep breath of Ganja and said

” God is a drug addict and his drug is Love, This whole universe is filled with Drug called Love. If you can be a drug addict with Love then you have arrived my friend” and he walked away. This was almost 15 years Back. After that I had many encounters with Saints,Drugs and God . Here are few notes based on my insight.

LSD and other drugs hold out great possibilities. There are good reasons to hope that these two things can be successfully used to enable the human consciousness to have a glimpse of the new awareness. I do not accept that one can attain the state of samadhi (cosmic consciousness) through them, yet these can certainly give its glimpses. And once one gets a glimpse, the thirst for true ‘SAMADHI’ arises. It is no exaggeration to say that deep beneath the strong attraction in the West today for yoga and meditation lies the under-current of LSD. Hundreds of thousands of people reach the amphitheatre of yoga through the by-lanes of LSD.

When someone takes a tablet of LSD, then for some hours he gets, so to speak, transported into a completely different world. To my mind the ‘SOMA RASA’ or the nectarine drink of the Vedic period must have been something similar to it. Aldous Huxley has written a book in which he has given the psychedelic drug to be developed after 2000 A.D. The name of ‘SOMA,’ on the basis of ‘SOMA RASA.’ and those who have had a trip of LSD or mescaline came to realize for the first time how the Vedic sages could see their gods and goddesses traversing the earth in flesh and blood.

For instance, as we read the poetry of Sufi’s, we begin to feel that he paints his imagery with colours such as are unknown to us. He sees such dimensions in a flower which are not manifest to us. LSD Transports you to the same world. Each and every leaf becomes delightfully green, and each and every flower appears unique. The human eye then seems to possess a depth such as it has never before experienced. An ordinary chair becomes a living entity. The whole world takes on a new look, for that length of time at least, as if lightening has flashed in a dark night. And for a moment the whole scene — the tree, the flower and the winding path may become illumined. The lightening may disappear after a short while and darkness may again envelope everything, yet we cannot be the same men as we were before the lightening flashed.

Doctor Leary is a unique personality in this field who has done tremendous work in the direction of making it possible for man to attain the experience of ‘samadhi’ by the use of drugs. And those who have made such experiments become different persons altogether; they were just able to turn over a new leaf in their lives.

Lot of these saints used to live in remote places of Himalayas and Forests. Over a period of time working on their body and mind they found out certain chemical changes transport you to different world. Before coming to real world they wanted to experience the world of Psychedelic drugs. These drugs gave them glimpse of Consciousness where they were in absolute surrender. Suddenly in absolute surrender and undistilled awareness they found the beauty of nature and God. Unfortunately they could not sustain the momentum or the beauty of the vision. As along as the drug effect was there they could feel immense possibilities. the moment drug effect came down then came back to mind world. Sadhus felt seperated at birth and tehy felt seperated from God.

The diffrence was Consciousness. In drugs you they were un-conscious. With consciousness you will see the same experience of world as drugs but then Consciousness is GOD!. Sadhus who started their journey with drugs all took their shelter in consciousness.

Recent researches in this field have revealed startling facts. If a person fasts for a protracted period, the resulting changes in his body will only be chemical. Though at cursory glance it may appear that Sages were against the smoking of ganja; yet if we analyze their insistence on fasting, we may conclude that the changes caused in the body after thirty days fasting are also chemical and quite similar to those caused by smoking ganja. There is no difference at all. The changes resulting from PRANAYAM (the science of breath) are also chemical.
If a person breathes in a certain way, changes in the proportion of oxygen begin to take place. A profuse supply of oxygen causes some elements to burn down and others to be preserved. The changes inside are chemical.

In order to reach cosmic consciousness not thru drugs but thru other means Sages Invented Yogasanas and Fasting. If you look at the history of Indian masters then you will realize both fasting and discipline of yoga is very important in most of their teachings.

Even Now lot of religions across the world use drugs as a source of glimpse to divine. You can get enough records of this usage in Aghori, Essenes, Sufiana, Tibetan traditions. But then this was a mystic science which got lost over a way and Drugs found a way with hippies as substance of abuse. Only in deep Tibet experiments are still carried on in scientific manner.

Drugs are addictive because the experience of the world is unparalleled in its experience. People do not know how to get that experience without drugs. Once you do not know the path to this experience you fall back into drugs experience. It’s unfortunate one of the most mystical part of human history got lost in translation. It’s not accidental while describing enlightened masters in our history records we use often words like “drunk with Divine”.


For others hope I gave you a glimpse of plight of drug addicts. It is an unbearable experience of separating from divine and helplessness in not finding the same without drugs. Drug addictiveness is beyond words because experience is beyond words. that’s why you can never be communicative with drug addicts. You need as much as compassion to cure them.

Love is GoD and I am a GoD addict!