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Let me share something interesting about this topic. If you observe carefully paintings and Idols of Deities in India, Female idols are always on left hand side of the male idol. You can also observe in Temples that Woman deity is placed on left had side of the Male deity. Mystics again have worked long on Human psychology much before the Sigmund feuds of the world analyzed Human mind.

Your right hand is connected to the left side of the Brain. And Your Left had is connected to the Right side of the Brain. Now let’s talk about Left and Right side of the Brain. Left side of the Brain is traditionally masculine or associated with Mathematical or technical knowledge. That’s why across the world as and when the education took a formal route thru Universities and schools, your writing is predominantly Right hand oriented. Very few mathematical teachers and science teachers are left handed. The ones who are Left handed tends to be outstanding.

Right side of the brain is associated with Musicians, dancers, Painters and creative arts. Remember Left hand is connected Right Brain. If you look at the early part of the human history, women were more associated with Music, Dance, Food, Family etc. Anything and everything to do with entertainment, Love was centered on Woman. You will find most of the artists, musicians left handed. Some of the brilliant poets, singers are also left handed. It’s a good idea to encourage left handedness if you find them in your kid.

When a man spends most of his time focusing on day to day earning and wealth related issues, He is bound to be missing on softer side of life. Woman used to provide that balance to him. While walking and talking, While Romancing and Dancing, It was conceived that woman on left hand side of the Man would bring much needed tranquility in him. Even In bed Woman on left hand side made significant difference to Man’s sleep. So if you are sleeping towards right side of your Man , I guess time to experiment.

It is not accidental if you look at movies and paintings; man with headache is typically massaged by woman on Head. Now you can also try it. When Woman massages you with bare hand with absolutely no “spray’ or “Ointments” You still feel better about you headache. Most of us growing up would have had similar experiences with Mom, or sister just massaging your head to make you feel better.

Other important observation you can see also is in societies where cultural link is still maintained you see woman moving on left hand side of the man. In progressive countries where increasingly woman have become dominating force tend to move along the right had side of the man. The other interesting factor you can observe is while in love woman tend to move towards the left hand side. I cannot say the same thing about every couple married for 10 years 🙂

Left hand and right side movement between Man and woman has many more mysteries and secrets than you can understand.In his book “Davinci code” by Dan brown, he highlights how Magdalene was hidden in a Da vinci picture where if you re- align you will see her leaning her towards left shoulder of Christ. I can share with you many more examples from fragments of history. But I guess this much is enough for todays post.

But one point which probably helps you to know is that if you want to get something out of your man it helps to start working out of left side!!

So what’s left may be right for you!

Love dear ones and that’s ton of it


From My upcoming book ” Secrets for centuries”