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All words are borrowed expressions and only silence is your original expression -Suresh

Only silence can be heard and understood. Words can be heard but only superficially, and can be understood — but only intellectually. Silence is heard existentially and is understood from your innermost being. It is a total understanding.

We are prepared to understand only words, not silence. We are educated to understand language and all its complexities. Nobody helps us to go beyond language, to go beyond words, to reach the wordless space within us.

The society is against it, because if you can hear silence you will not be a part of the crowd mind, of the collective mind. You will become an individual immediately. And an individual is a danger to the state, to the church, to the society. An individual is always dangerous, because an individual is nothing but rebellion. His very presence is a risk for all the vested interests, for the establishment.

The establishment wants you to be obedient: he wants you to understand the orders. The establishment wants you to be slaves, servants — efficient, of course, but not too intelligent; just intellectual, not intelligent.

Just see the paradox of Life!

Some of the finest gestures of communication are without words – A hug here, kiss there, holding hands, smiling, giving flowers, making Love, Crying …..

Your education has destroyed your ability to move into silence naturally. Even in silence you speak! To you silence means stoppage of external communication. To me silence means Thoughtless consciousness!

The only art of communication you need is art of Silence. If you learn the art of silence then you also learn the art of speaking. It’s not accidental that the only words which survived test of time so far has been the words of Jesus, Words of Buddha, Words of Mohammad, and Words of Krishna. The only incredible things about all these men were they were men of immense silence. Their message is loud and clear. It is silence.

Go any where, Go to church, go to Mosque, Go to Temple – Your prayers are rooted in silence. But you have no Idea about silence, then how can you even pray! Now you know why your prayers rarely work 🙂 !

Silence is the explosion of intelligence. Silence means: inside you, you are just spaciousness, uncluttered spaciousness. Silence means you have put aside the whole furniture of the mind — the thoughts, the desires, the memories, the fantasies, the dreams, you have all pushed aside. You are just looking into existence directly, immediately. You are in contact with existence without anything in between you and existence. That is silence.

The moment you understand that you are eternal, all fear disappears. And the society exists through exploiting your fear; hence, it teaches you from the school to the university, it devotes almost one-third of your life in learning words, language, logic.

To understand words and to hear words is very simple. Anybody can do it; just a little education about language is needed, nothing much. But a tremendous transformation is needed to hear silence and to understand silence… Silence is the basic requirement of understanding God, the basic requirement to know.

Silence and Silence is my Message



From my upcoming book “Secrets for centuries”