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Oh my Dosth (friend)…

I write so much about Love

I Must be an Idiot.. Coz

Love cannot be written can only be felt

Love cannot be spoken , you can only sing

Why do I waste so many words to tell you so little

I must be an idiot

I wasted a blog full of words to tell you about moment of silence

I filled up so many words to tell you how to be empty

I must be an idiot

I put up photos only to tell you to close your eyes once in a while!

I paint colors in my photos to show you all colors come from white light,

I must be an idiot

I talk about music to tell you about sound of silence.

I talk about mysteries where as the need is to become Mystic

I must be an idiot to celebrate words instead of silence.

Let me die in deepest silence and

that’s all I am going to ask for being idiot for life!

Poem by Suresh

Love and lots of it dear ones!