My friend UG Krishnamurti died


2 thoughts on “ug-1.jpg”

  1. comments have no value at all.
    your comments can not help me in any way so they are useless for me. There is an experince called bliss or ananda. In that stage all questions and answers diapears. search comes to an end. You are a finished man. When mind iis in de-cluched stafe you are alive at the same time you are dead.
    I live in perpatual state of ananda.

  2. I am living in Germany, while my parents – esp. my grandmother – have american ancestry. Thus I regard myself to be German with some Anglo-American impact. Your interesting thoughts about the German people seem to be very unaffirmative for my ears; I’d think, American politicians could learn very much from the way german society is handling its crisis so far.

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