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Have you seen a same rose twice bloomed? No, in existence everything is fresh. Every Rose is a new rose but you always use the same old term “Rose” to see new Rose. In fact you have been living so much in words you hardly notice this is a new Rose. Unless you drop words you cannot see freshness in Rose. Unless you move from head to heart you can never see the enormous creativity of this existence.

In meditation you will realize the art of opening up!. Meditation is nothing but art of becoming flower from bud. You are nothing but seed of immense potential. All you need is right soil and right atmosphere to bloom. Meditation can give you soil to bloom.


The treasure at the heart of the rose
is your own heart’s treasure.
Scatter it as the rose does:
your pain becomes hers to measure.

Scatter it in a song,
or in one great love’s desire.
Do not resist the rose
lest you burn in its fire

by Gabriela Mistral

Love and lots of it dear ones