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Increasingly more number of blogs are getting shutdown, I recently read somewhere as many as 100.000 blogs per month are going down – by not getting updated or people have lost Interest.

Blogging has emerged as much more than social phenomena. it’s becoming psychological phenomena among tech-savy crowd. Psychologists are rubbing their hands new psycho killer.I have quite number of friends who just disappear once in a while from their blog just to address burnout issues. Here are couple of things I want to convey from my observation.

As usual my observation and thoughts are general and if you are not part of that mob mentality then following thoughts doesn’t apply to you.

Blogging means – A space for yourself. It’s a freedom without leg chains. Most of you feel hammered down by restriction surrounding us to say what we want. Blogging gives us a immense power to express without disclosing identity. and sometime to say something we want to say to someone which we can hardly say in front of him/her (President, priest, pope …..)

Blogging in one way is your deep desire for acceptance, Everyone needs to be Loved and appreciated. Blogging gives you tremendous opportunity to get appreciated without your physical presence. Most of our need to be loved is never for our physical appearance but for your internal character. Blogging allows you to open up your inner world and get appreciated for your inner beauty!.

Blogging in some way is your frustration outlet. Everyone needs a private space to contemplate. In blogging you enter into conversation with yourself and this can be a catharsis for you. Just check this – most of the people i met say they check their blogs and create content late night or early morning.They feel peaceful and prefer to be alone in said timings , they feel quite relaxed and feel quite away from day to day issues. in other words subconsciously blogging allows them to spend some quality time with themself.

Blogging can also be your own defense mechanism towards your attitude and values. Quite a number of times you feel strongly about number of issues but never feel 100% comfortable because you feel small lingering doubt somewhere in your heart’s corner about your own thoughts and values. To find people on web telling you about they also feel the same way makes you feel more comfortable with your own life, thoughts attitudes and ideals.

Is blogging new tension of your life? If blogging over a period time is sucking you and you feel that tremendous need to blog irrespective of how you feel on a day means you need to take a deep breath and answer few questions. I have set of contemplating questions for you . See if it can help you.

  • Do you check your blog often just to see traffic and comments continuously? why do you do that?
  • What happens if no-one reads your blog? will you still write?
  • How much blog has affected your life? Do you feel a subtle tension to go update, Check blog and respond. Can you say blogging is one of the positive influences in your life?
  • How do you handle negativity on your blog? does bad comments keep bothering you even after you walk away from your computer?
  • What creative energy has been enhanced after you started blogging? Have you felt uplifted or does it feels like obligation after sometime?
  • Is blogging your way telling world how angry you feel about issues? then don’t stay angry about the same thing after you write- let it go. why do you still stay angry after you wrote what you wanted to write?
  • Do you feel you have been disconnected from your world just because you are not updating blogs and making comments?

Just take a minute and answer few of the above questions and I am sure they can be fun

Make your blog fun activity , words carry energy and if you are discontented person then it shows on your blog. Don’t add new tension to life, Blogging can be powerful catharsis to create beautiful energy which can influence millions of people in positive way. it’s OK if no one likes your blog as long as you feel good and uplifted by blogging. then that alone can have positive affects on your immediate family.And Happy families create happy communities.

If you are coming close Blog burnout, Take a deep breath and start having fun. Just to let you know- blogging is just a private conversation between you and yourself.

Relax and I want to visit your blog next time you write, Let me know your place and I would be happy to drop few flowers on your door step!

Love as usual and that’s a ton dear ones