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People set theories and expectations on when they will be happy and why they will be happy. There are so many conditions to be happy. When I get a Million dollars, when I get a great job, when I achieve this –When I achieve that ; These are the typical conditions we set ourselves to be happy.

To me your biggest problem for happiness is the conditions you have set for happiness. For a moment go back to childhood. Remember those happy moments when you got a new dress, new chocolate, or just to see your Dad or Mom after coming home from the school. I am sure now you won’t be thrilled by the new dress or new chocolate. Unless you buy an Armani! You see your conditions for happiness changes over time. So it is not that the happiness is not available to you. It is just that you are not available to happiness.

Let me share a secret with you. People try hard to achieve their dreams so that they can be happy. It has to be in reverse fashion. You stay happy for no reason and your dreams follow you. There is no big mystery behind this. This is the oldest Mystic realizations and it is one of the oldest open secrets of the world.

When you stay happy for no reason you stay relaxed. Whenever you are relaxed- You are not rushing anywhere, not in tension. You are available to present moment with full energy. Whatever you do whenever you are happy you will give hundred percent. When you stay happy you are open to thousand possibilities. You are happy and that’s why you can recognize an opportunity. This is what lot of people calls luck. People say luck as “chance to be at right place at a right time”. I say luck is “you are always at a right place and your time is always right for new possibilities“.

Start celebrating and start being happy for no reason. Sing a song, play an instrument, ride a bike or just whistle. Just loosen up. Assume as if you have no dreams to achieve in life. Stay happy with whatever you have and don’t have. See suddenly how many doors starts opening for you.

Happiness is an intrinsic phenomenon. You can never achieve happiness by outward things. All Happiness you achieve thru material things is momentary. If you buy a new car; may be that thrill will stay with you as long as it is new. Few months down the lane (or with first accident) you start losing happiness of having new car. Now your happiness expectation will move to another car or house or money.

There is a Old saying that “you laugh and everyone else laughs with you and You cry; nobody cries with you” This is really a mystical statement – Everyone referred in the statement is not people – It is universe. What it means is you stay happy and whole universe works with you to make you happy. You stay Sad –Universe supports that too.

Stay happy for no reason and see the magical world unfolds under your feet.

Common…. Give me a Roaring Laugh.

If you can be happy and content this moment, you will start moving into the world of Meditation. Meditation can make you blissful. But the other way is also true. Start celebrating life and you will start moving towards meditation

Love and lots of it dear ones