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People carry such wrong notions about Love. Every-time I talk to someone about love it seems like I am discussing a Business issue. Love has become a two way street. People have forgotten that love is a one way street. People are ready to give love only if they are loved.

The whole universe is linked by thread of love. The subtle relationship among all living and nonliving beings are linked thru love. That’s why Sufis refer God as “Beloved” to them Life is a love affair. If you can move higher in your Meditation then you are bound to get drunk in love.

Your failure in life to get love has nothing to with the other. If for a moment you can take a realistic look at your situation then you will find out that all your complaints about love has been due to your own doing.

I keep hearing friends telling me ” You know Suresh – She doesn’t love me anymore “. So I ask them back ” What about you – Do you love her? “. Immediate reply to me consists of terms and conditions of love. If she behaves like this, like that, then I am ready to love her.

It’s strange but true Love has been reduced to a thing. In love you are not unconditional. Your love is available to other person only if she/he is living up-to your expectations. That’s why you fail in love. You are not loving a stone, other one is also a human being. It’s like keeping the other in ZOO and telling her/him how she should behave so that you can love her!

Have you ever thought about it? For a moment think? – Can you accept the other with all postivies, negatives, drawbacks and love unconditionally?. I doubt so – the reason for it is very simple. You do not love yourself unconditionally!. You have not accepted yourself in total. When you struggle with your own existence other becomes difficult.

This is why you see so many failed marriages. When you are in love actually you are not concerned about the other. You are excited about what is happening to you when in love. You feel good about life,good about everything around you. In other words in both sex and love you are only concerned about what’s happening to yourself. Other has never been important to you.

You always confuse relationship with Relating. In relationship you are trying to create patterns which you are familiar with. For example in relationship you have fixed ideas about how the other should be. whereas In relating you constantly in learning and acceptance mode.

Unless love becomes unconditional there is no hope for marriage. Love towards existence, Self acceptance, present moment living are the key towards creation of unconditional love.

You cannot love -You have to be the Love it’s self. When your love is not directed to t external direction, Your celebration of love begins. your being needs to be filled with love. Then slowly you will see the whole existence start responding to your love unconditionally.

Don’t fall in love -Rise in love. Falling in love has become ugly. Rise higher and higher in love. The whole alchemy of Love is inside you not outside. Love yourself deeply and Unconditionally then you are capable of loving the other also.

Lot’s of love