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Photo Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007

Recently I was in a Theater Watching Kids Movie , It was a special Discovery channel movie hosted for Kids and I accompanied my friend and her kids.

As the movie progressed , They were showing two Lions Mating. One climbing on the other and their foreplay.Suddenly One of the kids in the front row asked his Mummy ” Mom what are they doing ? His Mom looked embarrassed replied ” Just shut up and watch that movie , Can’t you see those Lions fighting?

Kid did’t even move and he just went into forced silence.Then taking clue from front row kid, My friend’s daughter asked her in a hush tone ” Mama what are they doing?

My friend replied in a loud voice “Dear one, they are making Love and that’s how they do it”.

My friends daughter looked content and was very happy with the answer. I looked proudly at my friend and She just winked back.

That’s how you need to treat your kids.Treat them with respect and treat them with truth and nothing but truth. They are true exponent of this world until you interfere in their progress as a parent.

Sometime that’s all it requires to solve most of our queries towards life. Face reality and face truth. With Kids do not expose them to bunch of lies. If you can’t tell them truth at least don’t tell them a lie. Say “I do not know”. Kids will figure out truth now or later. Same with your approach to life. Do not surround yourself with bunch of beliefs and lies. Kids grow up hating their parents mostly because of their hypocrisy.

Road to truth is paved with thorns at the start and roses at the end. You need just hang on for little more to enjoy the journey

Love dear ones and that’s ton of it