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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007 Buy photo from my gallery

Hi everyone! Sorry I was not able to reply to most of your comments As I took much needed vacation in Goa, India at the Leela. Last one week I have been just surfing two times a day and enjoying swimming in ocean with my daughter.

I have nothing to say this week to you but I have bought you photo of the pretty face I fallen in love during my holidays. I could’t see enough of her though she just stays opposite my room. I got her photo for you and Please do not share with my wife!

So finally it’s going to be a beloved week from my side with no serious blog ! It’s so appropriate that I wrote a poem on beloved before I left for Holidays and I found one during my holidays! Amazing are the ways of God!

Love you friends and I hope to share with you many more lovely photos and thoughts from next week onwards.

thanks for staying in touch and stay loved!