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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007

Let me share few incidents with you before I talk about eyes.

· You watch a movie for two hours and you get tired,

· You sit in a Bus or Train and travel for three-four hours – you will get really tired.

· You rub your eyelids and close your eyes for a while during strenuous work period to get relaxed.

I am sure at one time or the other you might have experienced the same situations as I described above. Do you wonder why just sitting in one place makes you so tired? The common thread is your eyes. Today let me make share with you some secrets about eyes and energy.

Majority of our inner energy dissipates through eyes. That’s why you get so tired after watching movie or traveling in a bus. If you know how to manage your eyes then you can preserve lot of energy.

Watch young kids closely if you have not observed them before. Whenever they want to look around they turn their whole head not just eyes. But watch adults, they tend to keep head still and move eyeballs. Kids are born with awareness about their eyes but over a period time they lose it. They move their eyes so little that they remain bundle of energy.

Go and watch paintings of any religion where they depict enlightened masters. Early painters used to show most of Masters eyes half closed. It is not accidental all of their eyes are half closed. Most of our viewers’ think that they must be drunk with divine; which might be the case but the truth is the more you attain awareness the less is your eye movement. The other is also true. If you can hold your eyes still for few minutes your thoughts will come down automatically.

If you are wondering how eyes are draining your energy. Let me explain this to you. Whenever you look at anything both visual and thought impression created. For example if you look at a Dog; not only you will conclude that it is a Dog but there is a good chance that series of thoughts flood into you. You might think of the dog you had, you might think of a friend you used to hang out with your dog, then your parents who scolded you for behaving like dog, then the fights, then the anger and then the pain so on and on. Can you see how watching Dog generated series of thoughts?  But you watch millions of things everyday and each one of them have potential to create a series of thought chain. That’s why you are in constant stream of thinking. Obviously thinking generates range of emotions. Emotions like anger,frustration and love all can consume your energy. Eyes are the biggest source of thought generation and thoughts drain you throughout the day.

This is one of the reasons why all religions invited Idol worship and prayers. In worship and prayer you close your eyes. All Idols in worship places hold your attention. This is the reason why religious and worship places immediately uplift you. There is a shift in your energy levels as your eyes are focused. Whenever you are in choiceless awareness or in present moment awareness there is an ocean of energy available to you. There is a good chance you meet divine energy in silence. Idols, Lamps, lights, all are nothing but tools to take you towards divine energy.

Meditators across the world are attractive people because of preservation of energy. Gurus, sages, mediators have such following because they make you relax. Their eyes gives you glimpse what you are not. You tend to get sucked by their energy and magnetism in eyes. It is common to comment on brightness and sparkle in Eyes. Meditation gives powerful energy to eyes.

Now something for you to take home: Light meditation is one of the easiest mediations to do. Watching a candle or lamp for 20-30 minutes without blinking can give you such an easy understanding of meditation. If you can manage to watch a light or lamp for at least 30 minutes morning and evening then slowly you will start realizing you have more energy to do lot of things in life. As you progress in meditation you will learn to manage your energy thru eyes. I strongly recommend this meditation to painters, artists, photographers, or any body who use their eye creatively.

If you can learn to keep eyes still whenever it is not needed then you will also see more colors, more beauty and more love in this world. You will be surprised that the same trees and leaves which you have been used to looks so different and beautiful.

There is an old Sufi saying that “you need to have Laila’s eyes to see Majnu” Majnu and Laila were folklore lovers in the likes of Romeo and Juliet. But Sufis are mystics. So they are using love story to tell you something about God. You need have eyes which are still to look at God. Once you have eyes of meditation then you need not have any guru or teacher to introduce you to God. You will have eyes of God.

Love dear ones and that’s a ton of it.