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Once a scholar was being ferried across a river by a poor boatman. During the boat-ride, they spent a while in conversation. The scholar named a number of Holy texts and asked the boatman if he had studied them. When the boatman replied in the negative, the scholar remarked, “You have wasted half your life.” As this discussion was going on, the boat sprang a leak and water rapidly entered it through the crevices. Seeing this, the boatman asked the scholar, “Sir, can you swim?” The scholar replied, “I have read several books on swimming and gathered a lot of information on it, but I cannot swim.” The boatman then commented, “Then your entire life has gone to waste. The boat is about to sink!”

Above story is significant as it applies to you also. It’s a shame that knowledge do not come in handy to swim. I can assure you all your reading about God and divinity will not come in hand until you experience it yourself. When you experience Awareness in its splendor then  you will also realize knowledge has been such a waste.

Millions of people across the world have lost tremendous opportunity to experience mystic nature of existence. The reason being that they are too content with bookish knowledge collected faithfully like Garbage over the years. Very few people say that “this is my experience”. They all want to quote from one book or the other. Their whole knowledge existence is based on how many books they have read. They are probably going to die without even getting glimpse of divine. They will probably die without even tasting awareness even for a moment. It’s a shame that more and more people are believers than experience-rs.

It is important in journey of Love that you focus on experiences rather than knowledge. Often readers ask me where do you collect all these secrets you write in your blogs? I have to smile at them coz I do not have any source of collections. Whatever I write has been my experiences so far. If you ask me proof then I do not have any. However I can tell you something authentically, that is if you follow path of meditation then there are number of secrets which are beyond text books will also happen to you. Until you find your own experience all my secrets are nothing but Fiction for your bedtime. Once you find the same experience then they are indeed secrets for you. You cannot prove your experiences to anyone as most of them are intrinsic experiences.

I encourage all my fellow travelers to read well but Follow the path of Experiencer. Read well and read a lot but make efforts to experience. Make conclusions based on experience not on belief. Whatever happens to you experience is the only truth. Rest all borrowed expressions. almost all knowledge you carry with you is “belief”: what you experience is what you “know”

You decide what you want ? belief or Knowing?

Love and lots of it