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On my 100th post I did not want to write anything special, when I started this blog forced by friends , I had only intention in Mind ‘ to create a place where silence can be felt thru words. My photos have been the only tool I had to share awareness.

MY whole effort is to create moment of silence and If any one of you found moment of silence on blog then I believe my work has bee fruitful. For those who have been hurt by thoughts and visuals – My deepest apologies.

I have received so much Love from readers belonging to more than 85 countries spanning more than 100000 views, 3000 comments, 9000 spams and at least 6000 personal mails.

On a day of posting my 100th post I would like restart where I began and where I wrote first few sentences on my blog and they are below and I believe thy still hold water.

Eyes are an amazing science. What you see can create a ripple of thoughts inside you. In an over communicative world, Eyes need rest. They need rest from your thinking and constant chattering of mind. Let me share with you photos which take your mind away. Let me give you taste of silence for a moment. This site is your private space, Space where you can be just still and enjoy images. My effort is to create a guidaspirituale thru images.”

On my 100th post I celebrate YOU, I celebrate SILENCE, I celebrate LOVE and yes I also celebrate this beautiful place called WordPress.

Love and many thanks to you all