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Listening is not hearing. Hearing is just a mechanical phenomena and it happens through your ears and listening is much more than hearing. It is about understanding, it is about knowing by heart.

Most common fight between couples, friends and colleagues are about not paying enough attention. Over a period of time you have become so mechanical that if your partner tells you something then you will already start concluding even before he or she finishes her sentence. You draw conclusions based on what you hear than what you listen.

When you hear you start reacting thru mind. you jump to form opinions about every sentence you hear. When you hear there is already a parallel conversation going on in your head between your reaction and what you are hearing. This is why so many fights happens between you and your partner. you and your kid, you and your colleague.

Where as in listening you are allowing words to enter your heart. Music touches you much better than words because it is easy for music to get into your heart. The notes, the silence between notes, the ragas or tunes – all make music so dynamic that there is very little time for your mind. Your heart starts playing lead role quickly.

Kids are always unhappy with their parents, It seems like parents have conclusions for everything even before Kids say something. Parents bring mind very fast and That’s why they hear. kids speak from heart that’s why it is easy to make them listen. Parents and kids communication is always at friction because of lack of listening.

You can only communicate well if you can listen well. If you learn the art of listening then you will also learn the art of speaking well. If you can speak from you heart and listen from heart then there is no need for too many words. silence is enough to communicate.

The communion with nature is the way of listening. You learn all the mysteries of the world by just listening.

You can also never relate to anyone unless you listen. As along as you hear you will be in friction. In order to listen you need to stop mind chattering. and meditation can make you good listener. Someday when you stop hearing then you will listen to Divine song. In meditation you come close to heart and you come close to listening.

Did you listen to what I said or you just heard it?

Love and lots of it Dear ones