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Nothing is permanent; life is a flux. Heraclitus has said that you cannot step twice in the same river. It is impossible to step twice in the same river because the river has flowed on; everything has changed. And not only has the river flowed on, you have also flowed on.

You are also different; you are also a river flowing. Like River you also have quite a lot of things moving in your life, Happiness , Depression, Joy and Sorrow all are moving at the top of your life. But something inside you is never changing and omnipresent. The moment you can find that center which never changes, Then everything about your life also changes.

If any of you have ever dived into sea( scuba-dive) and explored underneath then there is one thing which becomes very clear underneath the roaring sea-top ; there is utter calmness under the sea. The deeper inside you go under the sea , you will find more stillness.

That’s why Scuba diving is such a meditative experience. Meditation is nothing but finding center inside you which is never changing. Meditation is art of staying calm at sea top. Once you realize your center, Then you are just an actor at top. You will know everything you know and feel now also will pass.

The moment you find center you will also find Love! Love radiating from you and it is never changing! Meditation is way to find that never changing Love.