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Knocking on heaven’s door!

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I am unlucky, things never happens to me well!

How many times have youheard this before? and how many times you have said this to yourself,

Luck in general sense means you have no control over events and something happens to you in such a way that it brings you positive effect on life. People blame destiny too much for their own sufferings. Most of you feel Luck is something you don’t have.

I say Luck is something you don’t recognize! I say Luck is something which came knocking on your door and you were not at home!

You can plan for a miracle! If you are prepared and in awareness then You can recognize an opportunity. In order to recognize Luck or opportunity you need to be aware of this moment. You are always occupied in your mind. Your mind is full desires, dreams, misery and full of rubbish thoughts. How can you even know If Luck is knocking on your door!

This universe is nothing but Aladdin’s wish lamp. But you need to be there to wish for it. Everything happens to you in external world first happens to you in your inner world. When you are in Mediation you are in tune with cosmic plans. When you are in awareness and silence you allow God to take over your future plans. I don’t mean to say then just stay sit at one place and everything comes to you. You still need make effort towards your goals but Your effort should come out of deep relaxation. Your energy should be 100% spend on the journey. When you are hundred percent active out of your inner silence then whole universe supports your goals.

Good luck is nothing but GOD Luck. Luck means you are always prepared to recognize an opportunity. Luck means every moment is right moment and right now is the greatest opportunity. Luck also means your deepest acceptance to life. Luck means you are so receptive that you know God’s plans!

Meditation is a way to Create GOD Luck, meditation means you allow your doors open to GOD Luck,

Meditation means You are God Damn lucky!

Love and that’s a ton of it