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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007 But it from my gallery!

If you are so intelligent then why do you make others look so stupid and bad?

This is the paradox of life, Everyone’s life is a constant struggle to prove a point and proving how smart are they compared to others. I feel sad when people ill treat waiters , drivers, colleagues, family members in the name of intelligence. What is so big about you being smarter than others? if life is all about proving how smart you are compared to others then you have wasted your life.

That’s why most of them fail to learn compassion thru out life. Intelligence is the ability to be resposnd to other individuals in a compassionate manner, Intelligence is knowing that you have something to share with someone who doesn’t know what you know yet. Intelligence is nothing but deep respect for others. What value is your intelligence if it cannot give dignity to fellow human beings?

Most of you are so stiff in life because your identity is so called intelligence about certain things you know. You missed everything nature has to offer you. that’s the reason intellectual people find it so hard to meditate.

Nature’s intelligence is made of stuff called Love and In order to understand Love you need to be compassionate. Compassion is the core essence of Love. Most of your relationships fail because you always want to drive home a point. Intelligence is to know that truth remains same irrespective of opinions.

Your intelligence is the reason you fail so much, your intelligence is the reason you look so stupid. True intelligence uplifts seeker and giver. In a false world Intelligence boosts giver’s ego and brings down the dignity of the seeker.

Meditation can make you intelligent but not in a stupid way!, meditation can make you responsible, meditation can give wings of compassion to your love. if you do not have compassion towards others then your intelligence is a waste. it just helped your ego.

Love and lots of it