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Few months back while traveling in US, I was in a lunch meeting with my friend Anitha. I had couple of my colleagues and friends also with me .While sitting in restaurant suddenly she farted loudly, & within next few moments she crumbled and devastated by her fart and completely in tears. she said “she is feeling like killing herself”.

I had to stop her from crying but she went on for at least 10 minutes to recover from her act. She apologized profusely saying she can never meet me again with embarrassment. After recovering she said” she has been ashamed of her weight and gas problems” , it’s causing her emotional let down. she felt humiliated.

Gas is something you can’t control and if you have problem -you have a problem & do not hide it. it’s your problem and world cannot understand it. Similarly if you have dark skin, over weight, ugly,handicap – whatever you are , Please ..it’s OK , you are special as you are with all your flaws and positives.

Half of your problems are just like fart. You live from the eyes of the society or in other words you allow world to decide how you behave , how you carry yourself. While pleasing world you have destroyed your true nature. If you look at your character in mirror then almost all of them are fake like fart. They are all borrowed and cosmetic to please others. Slowly this fakeness you carry builds a tremendous turmoil in you. You will move away from happiness as far as possible. How can you be happy when you are fake? how can you be alive if you are not true to your nature!

Meditation gives you courage to be real. Meditation exposes you to your true nature. The moment you are natural then you are close to God. At the core of you natural behavior is Godliness. Mediation is nothing but learning art accepting yourself.

Fart all you falseness today. suddenly you will feel a burden taken out of you. Fart away all the fake character in you and you will find fragrant core inside you.

On a parting note: your weight and your health problems are also due to your bad habits in maintaining health. The moment you are happy with yourself you will lose all dirty habits of eating and bad health habits. It is not accident meditators across the world are healthy people and glowing people.

today is your moment and Fart your way to God!