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Mind is the reason for unhappiness. Mind cannot be reason for Happiness. No-mind can be source of happiness but not mind.

The very nature of Mind is desire, dreams, greediness, Misery, anger, pain and goals, If you are controlled by mind then you have every reason to be unhappy. Yes you can be happy in Mind when you buy a new car, get a new house etc but eventually you oscillate between misery and temporary happiness.

Happiness out of heart is more or less river like phenomena. It is ready to flow all the time. Love, Compassion, Awareness, Unbounding Joy, dance all comes from heart. if you want to move towards more awareness filled life you need to move into your heart center. Initially you may find it tough in a competitive world to act out of heart but slowly you will realize you have edge over others while you respond out of heart.

Your agony of life is that, you know deep inside you are wrong, Your pain of life is that you don’t have courage to follow your heart.

Meditation is art of moving from head to heart, Meditation is moving from mind to no -mind. Meditation is the way to ignite heart center.