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photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007
How many things we say mechanically and we don’t even mean it!, Watch people getting into office in morning hours. Everyone keeps saying it “Good morning”. Most of them just do it so mechanically that they don’t even notice the person they wished.

Similarly we do and say at least 50% of things mechanically. Scientists say man lives in a repetitive world. i.e 80% of your dreams, thoughts, talk is repetitive, Everyday you dream same thing, you get angry at same things, you say monotonous and repetitive sentences.

This is the reason ;husband and wife in marriage finds it difficult to believe each other after sometime. When they were in love then each word they said came out of deep resonance in heart. Every word they said carried energy which in turn touched others heart. Now after many years when there is no love in heart it is difficult to excite someone by saying “I love you”. they have experienced words which touched their hearts when they were in love. now after many years they want to hear same words and it is not possible.

watch your self, If you can avoid yourself from saying things which you don’t want to say then tremendous energy is available to you. Words are capable of carrying tremendous amount of energy. In-fact prayers, mantras, sermons, sufiana songs all carry science of throwing energy into words. Once you speak from heart and awareness then one sentence is enough to communicate and heal.

Meditation is art of creating sound of silence. Meditation is art of creating energy from silence. Reduce your unwanted communication everyday little bit. slowly you will realize you do not need much language to communicate and you will realize the power of words.