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Growing up we all feel – we should do this and we should do that so that future is secure. Most of these thoughts while you are young comes from your parents, teachers, advisors etc.

I looked back at my own life and I recollect my own life and fond memories of some of the mistakes I did.

When I was very young and in primary school, I used to bunk school and run with friends to swim and to steal mangoes from farms. I got a lot of beating from my parents and teachers. I wish I had made the mistakes to bunking school more and wish I had stolen more mangoes and wish I had climbed more mountains and trees

Every time there was a rain and thunder lightning I used to sneak out once in a while to dance and get wet, I wish I had done it more.

I stole books from Library to read and I wish I stolen more books and read. the library from which I used to steal later got destroyed in a fire.

I played musical instruments when it was time to study, wish I had not wasted my time on history books. I should have danced more and i should have learned more songs.

I used to runaway to watch theater, wish I acted in more of them.I did play in only few of them

I scored good marks in college, Wish I read more poetry, and scored less marks. wish i knew songs of Rumi, Tagore, Bach, and learned less about Hitler, Hiroshima and History.

I was too busy and too stiff during my engineering degree. Wish I had spent more time to fall in love . Wish I made fool of my self more than succeeding at every stage.

I was too busy learning art of management in Ivy league school, wish I spent more time in learning art of awareness.

I made so many mistakes in life , wish I made some more mistakes, wish I had taken more risk than what i took while I was young, wish I did more stupid things, wish i did more heart things, wish I failed more than what i succeeded.

Wish I made fool of myself more than I made my self look smart

If I have my life to live over, I would start little sooner making mistakes that way i will have more time to learn. We are only limited by our need for security and our potential can only be tested in insecurity and in risk.

Meditation can be the biggest mistake you can ever commit, Meditation can be biggest Risk you can ever take, Meditation needs courage to to commit mistakes. Meditation is art of turning mistakes into Miracle.