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When I was young I used to walk a long way to school. I used to stop at a large grown Mango tree on my way. I used to stop by to attend nature call, Mango tree was my road side toilet. I used to think I did a great favor to this tree by pissing on it. after all I was giving water ( OK! it was not so clean but nevertheless…)

Years later when I grew up little more, I loved the same Mango tree as I was capable of stealing mangoes by climbing, I felt Mango tree is paying back my favor of pissing by giving me sweet mangoes, I thought I deserve it & I took it for granted.

Years later In my teenage, I loved the mango tree base. I used to use it as a camping fire base with my friends. I used to get old dry branches for camp fire and To light a smoke with friends. I thought this mango tree is good place to spend time with friends and I can use it for dry wood. I had a utility from mango tree.

Years later in My youth I used mango tree as Romantic hide point. I used it to spend a quite time with my friend. I felt the shadows under the tree are loving and compassionate. I thought this mango tree is full of love and It is so romantic.

Years later I showed the tree to my daughter to tell her My journey and how much i learned from it. I was overjoyed when my kid ate a mango and I told to myself this tree must be a tree of joy.

Years later my daughter has grown and i am grown in awareness and I look at the tree and feel energy throbbing in its branches, leaves and fruits. I feel peaceful and aware under its shadow. I feel this tree must be the tree for enlightenment.

My mango tree never changed, over the years it remained the same. Its that I kept on changing and I felt what I reflected. I guess that’s all we need to know, Everything we feel and conclude first concluded within us. Only in awareness we see the reality. All our relationships, success, failure, anger, greed, happiness is by product of what we are inside. Once our Inner view changes then everything else also changes externally. This world is nothing but a mirror reflection of your views. once you change something inside you then something outside you also changes.

Meditation is art of learning the reality. Meditation is art of cleaning dust gathered on your eyes to see with clarity. Meditation is a way of knowing everything that is happening in this planet is also happening inside you. Meditation is art of knowing that which never changes.

PS : A meditation fable by Suresh