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What is the value of one dollar?

It is difficult to say but you can imagine. Just think of one dollar you donated today to someone needy, and in return the person who received it passed it on to someone else or bought something, and then the same dollar keeps circulating : In this fashion money keeps circulating and one dollar actually creates a value of million dollars!

Currency comes from root word “currete” or current which means to flow or in circulation. This is all you need to know when you donate, Even a small single dollar you donated changed million lives. Just imagine the concept and donate every time so that you feel the magnanimity of the charity.

Similarly best charity in life does come in small acts, an act of compassion, act of good wish, act of praying for someone else , all have immense potential to yield similar snowball effects. Thought is a energy and every thought has a capability to create positive impact and change lives. Your small act of charity can save lives and can help millions of people.

Make a start today and it doesn’t matter what you start with, you may start with a dollar or a flower or a fruit or a wish or a prayer!, Just start act of giving today and know that you already kick started a snowball of positive change!

Meditation is art of knowing you are integral part of universe. meditation is art of feeling love when butterfly swapped it’s wings somewhere in the world . Meditation is knowing you can make a difference. Meditation is art of knowing your are bottomless vessel of Love and it keeps filling up as you pour more out.

Love dear ones and I wish you love